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COVID-19 and FullHost. Our Update.

A message from all of us at FullHost to you, our clients.

Like all of us, no matter where in the world we are, in Canada and abroad, we’ve all been faced with personal disruptions to our routines. We are not immune to these rapidly changing situations. We’ve been dusting off and reviewing our BCP plans since early this year in preparing for what could be coming.

These plans were fully activated over the past week and we’d like to share with you some key points to provide you information and peace of mind through these uncertain times.

This post will cover off the following:

Stock and Provisioning Status. Status on our current capacity in accepting new orders.

Staffing. Work from home policy and time off.

Client Relief Fund. Helping your business through this.

Stock and Provisioning Status

We began to see the effects of China’s shutdown in late January, as stock/orders for additional components that are produced there and used in our data centers started to have much longer delivery times, and in some cases no ETA.

While we do anticipate that stock levels should begin to return to normal soon from our suppliers, we have already built in contingency plans should this situation continue indefinitely.

For those orders that may need to be paused to be activated, we will be in touch individually.


Our primary concern is ensuring the health and well-being of our staff and supporting them through this. Being a non face to face business, we are afforded a luxury where a distributed work force and a work from home policy can be enacted.

As a result of activating our BCP, our staff have or are transitioning to a full work from home policy and will be reviewed monthly. By moving to a work from home policy for the near future, we are practicing the best way we can to socially distance ourselves and flatten the curve. Travel and other non essential activities have been cancelled or postponed.

By doing this, we are also ensuring that we can continue to meet your expectations of our almost near 100% uptime we regularly deliver to you as well as staffing to support you throughout this.

We’ve made a commitment to our staff that absenteeism will not affect their paycheque, and are fully supported by us.

For those of you in the Greater Victoria/CRD where face to face meetings are organized, we will be shifting those meetings to non face to face interactions.

Client Relief Fund

Our success has been built on being trusted by you to power your online presence. We have gotten to know many of you through our continued support and services we provide.

While we are an online business, we consider you an extension of our community. In our home base, Victoria, we are a heavily tourist dependent community and we are seeing and hearing the concerns of our service industry and employees already wondering how they will survive this, particularly if this continues.

If you are in the hospitality and services industry, a freelancer or other business that support them, or any business that is getting hit hard we want to do our part and have created a Client Relief Fund to help those hardest hit by the now global shutdown. We are keeping the policy around this fund fluid at this time and review each request on a case by case basis.

This might feel awkward talking with your supplier about your financial situation, but please don’t be. We want to help you keep your lights on and every bit can help. We’ve also disabled any late fees until June 30, 2020 and will be reviewed again at that time. This won’t stop our system generated suspensions from happening, but if you need additional time to pay invoices we are very happy to assist with requests.

If you’d simply like us to shine a light on your business through our social media, whether locally in Victoria or afar, please be in touch.

Let’s all do what we can to support each other through this.

Be safe, and stay healthy.

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