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Free whois privacy on domains

We are very pleased to announce that effective immediately, you can now protect your information when you register a domain and get ID Protection for free!

What is whois privacy

When registering a domain, the information contained for the registrant and contacts is stored and transmitted to the registry that oversees the TLD you’ve just purchased. This information is then made available in whois searches. When whois privacy is purchased, it will mask your contact information at the registry level so that only you, the registry, and us being able to see the true contact information for the domain.

How do I get this added to my domain?

If you are purchasing a new domain, in the order process, simply put a ticket mark beside ID Protection and that will be added to the purchase at no additional cost.

Domains > My Domains > Click on the Domain > Addons (right menu) > Buy Now for $0.00 > and confirm again. An invoice will be generated for $0.00 and whois privacy has now been added to your domain.

I have a .ca domain. How do I get this for my domain?

.ca domains have always handled domain registrations slightly differently. As a CIRA registrar, the domain authority behind .ca domains, have been leaders in protecting the privacy on Canadian’s online.

When registering a .ca domain, you select a CPR category (Canadian Presence Requirement). The classifications are broken down in to two categories – Individuals and Non-Individuals. When selecting any of the below CPR types, whois privacy is automatically included.

  • Canadian Citizen
  • Permanent Resident
  • Legal Representative
  • Aboriginal People

If you are choosing to register any of the Non-Individual CPR categories, this information will be publicly available in whois registries and will not be masked.

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