Having a robust backup strategy in place for your data, and that potentially of your own clients, is the insurance policy you don’t want to use, but are glad to have it when you need it A backup strategy generally does not rely on one …

Having a robust backup strategy in place for your data, and that potentially of your own clients, is the insurance policy you don’t want to use, but are glad to have it when you need it. A backup strategy generally does not rely on one component to keep you covered, but you have layers of protection in place.

For close to ten years, the solution we’ve had in place for use with our Managed Cloud Hosting ) has been R1Soft. They ticked off all the internal requirements we have in place for a backup software:

– It supports incremental backups, that will only back up new or changed files

– It backs up at the block level instead of the file level. By backing up at the block level, it will result in faster processing of backups as well as faster restoration. Additionally, very large files (such as a log file) are not backed up when only a small change is made.

– Centrally accessible for both you and us. As we manage your backups for you, we need to be able to monitor these to ensure they are functioning correctly

– They are hosted off-site. A backup should always be hosted externally from where your source data is, and not in the same data center location of your Managed Virtual Server.

– They are pull backups, as opposed to push backups. As the words imply, a pull backup will pull the data from the server, whereas a push backup requires credentials to be stored on the server itself. With these credentials being stored on the server, if some unscrupulous got in to your server as was particularly malicious with their intents, because these credentials are stored on the server itself, the could in fact destroy your backups if you were to get compromised. Inherently, pull backups are safer and more isolated from the source data.

In late 2019 and early in 2020, we began to explore a solution to replace R1Soft as we’ve seen development slow in the more recent years and bugs are becoming more commonplace as well as the fact that the interface was neither intuitive nor user friendly.

We are pleased to announce that not only have we found our chosen partner, Acronis, but that this solution has been fully rolled out through September and October and is already in place if you had subscribed to our Managed Backups previously. Not only did they meet all of our above-mentioned requirements, but comes with some immediate advantages:

  • Easier access to restore in cPanel, Acronis is both bug free and no longer requires the cPanel account password to access them.
  • Increase in retention period. We have increased the retention period from 7 daily and 4 weekly restore points, to now include 3 monthly restore points as well.

We have already heard from many of you about how much better and easier it is to use Acronis, which validates a lot of our concerns we internally had with R1Soft.

To answer some questions you may have:

Q > How do I access the backups?

A > Once in the cPanel account, go to Files > Acronis and you’ll see ALL the restore points in there.

Q > I don’t see all the restore points you say that will be available to me.

A > As we turned on Acronis, the backups that were previously done with R1 Soft are not available through Acronis. With this being turned on for most client in September, and early October, you will slowly see it build out all the defined restore points above, and that after a few months you’ll see both the daily, weekly, and monthly restore points.

Q > Will there be any price changes with this new solution?

A > No, the pricing will remain as is and no changes to the pricing for our clients is planned at this time. We will be reviewing the usage of the back up space you have subscribed to, and if you are consistently exceeding the plan limit by more than 10% we will contact you to update to a plan limit that is within our established tiers we offer currently (50, 100, 250, 500, 1,000 GB)

Q > I don’t have a Managed VPS, and am using another product (Elastic Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting, Email Hosting). How will this affect me?

A > This change is only for Managed VPS Hosting and the back ups performed and access to them are different for each product. Please contact our Client Support and we will be happy to elaborate on this based on the plan/product you have.

Q > I have a self managed cloud server with you. Can I get Acronis too?

Q > I have services not hosted with you and am interested in subscribing to this. Can I get this through you?

A > Acronis is a very flexible solution that can offer many solutions for back ups. Coming in the very near future will be a full suite of self managed solutions that can back up bare metal servers, virtual servers, hosting servers (with a control panel like cPanel), and even work stations. When this is announced and available, we will put a link to that announcement here.

Q > Where are these backups stored?

A > As with our continued commitment to providing truly Canadian hosting, all backups are stored in Canada.

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