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LiteSpeed License Changes

FullHost is very pleased to announce that the LiteSpeed Web Server, a drop-in replacement that is completely compatible with the traditional process driven architecture of Apache, has recently revised its product offering additional features and options for clients.

As part of the license changes they have introduced the Site Owner license series that provides clients with a small number of domains hosted on a virtual or dedicated server an option to take advantage of the great benefits that LiteSpeed Web Server already offers, which has a proven track record of increasing speed and performance over Apache with its event driven architecture.

Additionally, all new licenses now come with the popular caching plugin, LSCache, on all new LiteSpeed Licenses purchased.

New License Structure










Q > I have a current LiteSpeed License. How does this impact me?

A > All current licenses are grandfathered and are being supported in perpetuity.

Q > I have a Managed Virtual Server and would like to purchase LiteSpeed. Which license do I need?

A > As licenses do depend on a few factors, such as memory and processors, our Sales team will be happy to assist on selecting a license that works for your server set up. We’ll ensure that you’ve got the right one for you. Once purchased, we will get LiteSpeed properly set up for you.

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