Today, we invite you to explore a compact and cost-effective solution for a standalone WordPress container Ideal for small to medium projects, this solution offers a secure and high-performing environment through its collection of built-in …

Today, we invite you to explore a compact and cost-effective solution for a standalone WordPress container. Ideal for small to medium projects, this solution offers a secure and high-performing environment through its collection of built-in tools that can be enabled with just a few clicks.

The WordPress Standalone package boasts an efficient single node architecture, certified by FullHost.Cloud, using either LLSMP (Linux + LiteSpeed + MariaDB + PHP) or LEMP (Linux + NGINX + MariaDB + PHP) templates. It is also equipped with a range of advanced features to make your WordPress experience seamless. Join us as we take you through all the components available.

Accelerate Your WordPress Performance with Premium CDN

Get lightning-fast content delivery for your WordPress site with the optional Premium CDN Add-On. With its global network of interconnected servers and massive bandwidth capacity, this solution offers advanced caching for static assets and high-speed HTTP/3 support for optimized performance. FullHost.Cloud customers can enjoy premium traffic at a consistent price, no matter where their audience is located, without the worry of unexpected bills based on geographic locations. Elevate your WordPress site to new heights with this powerful and affordable CDN option.

Let’s Encrypt SSL Add-On: Effortless Security for Your WordPress Site

The Let’s Encrypt SSL Add-On simplifies the task of issuing trusted SSL certificates and integrating them into the application server. It also enables fully automated certificate renewal to ensure ongoing security for your site.

LiteSpeed Web Server: High Performance, Low Memory Footprint

LiteSpeed Web Server (LSWS) is a powerful yet lightweight web server that includes features like ESI caching, browser and object cache, HTTP/3 support, CDN, WAF, Geo-DNS, reCAPTCHA protection, and cutting-edge anti-DDoS protection. FullHost.Cloud PaaS provides a Site Owner Plus license with PHP Process Mode: ProcessGroup Mode, which allows for optimized performance with a single worker process and multiple child processes forked as needed. The number of CPUs available may vary based on the cloudlets count and the hosting platform.

Web Application Firewall: Built-In Security

The built-in Web Application Firewall (WAF) in LiteSpeed Web Server provides additional security to your WordPress site, supporting ModSecurity rules and coming configured with the Comodo ruleset by default. The LiteSpeed WAF optimizes computing power by managing rules for dynamic requests.

MariaDB Database: High-Performance Storage The popular MariaDB database server is employed to store your website content, with configuration parameters optimized for maximum performance. You can find these values in the sqldb config file.

High-Performance Redis Database for Object Caching.

The Redis database management system is an efficient, high-speed solution for storing data in key-value pairs. With all data stored in RAM, Redis provides lightning-fast performance, making it an ideal choice for object caching. As a non-relational database, Redis delivers a level of speed and performance that exceeds traditional relational database management systems.

Simplified Architecture for Moderate Loads

 This architecture is designed for websites with moderate traffic and can handle slight increases in demand with automatic vertical scaling. However, it does not include high availability and failover capabilities or the ability to scale horizontally for high traffic websites. Nevertheless, it provides efficient and cost-effective hosting solutions for sites with moderate traffic.

Ready to experience the high-density packaged solution in one container? Here’s how:

1. Start by clicking “DEPLOY TO FULLHOST.CLOUD” if you don’t have an account yet. The easy-to-follow steps in the widget will help you create a new account and start the installation of WordPress Standalone. For registered users, installation can be done through the FullHost.Cloud Marketplace or by importing the relevant manifest file from GitHub.

2. In the installation frame, select the desired advanced features:

  • LiteSpeed High-Performance Web Server: This option installs a solution based on LiteSpeed Web Server, providing the fastest delivery of website content to clients via the modern HTTP/3 protocol. If this option is not selected, the LEMP stack will be used instead (NGINX instead of LiteSpeed Web Server).
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF): This option enables or disables the use of free security rules from Comodo (works with LiteSpeed Web Server only).

Note: It is not recommended to configure the WAF using the LiteSpeed Web Admin Console after the installation as it may cause failure during horizontal scaling. Instead, the appropriate WAF=TRUE/FALSE environment variable should be used. Remember to restart LLSMP after changing the variable.

  • Lightning-Fast Premium CDN: This option integrates Verizon Edgecast CDN into the WordPress application and offers 145+ points of presence (PoPs) for fast delivery of content.
  • Let’s Encrypt SSL with Auto-Renewal: This add-on issues and uses a trusted, free certificate for your custom domain. It also features periodic renewal to prevent certificate expiration, with notifications sent by email. If this option is not selected, built-in SSL will be configured, which works only for your platform domain.
  • WordPress Multisite Network: This feature allows multiple virtual sites to share a single WordPress installation, allowing you to run as many sites as you need.

Note: Enabling some features may incur additional charges. Check the pricing section for more information.

3. Complete the final details of Environment name, Display Name, and Region (if applicable). Simply click the Install button at the bottom of the frame and wait a few minutes for the platform to automatically set up your WordPress installation.

Upon successful installation, all necessary connection information will be displayed in the installation success window and sent via email notification, including:

  • Your WordPress site URL and admin panel
  • The LiteSpeed WebAdmin Console (on port 4848)
  • The phpMyAdmin administration tool for MariaDB (on port 8443)

Effortless Scaling for WordPress Standalone

Scaling resources for this solution is accomplished through vertical scaling. The standalone container comes with a default capacity of 2 GiB RAM and 6.4 GHz of CPU power (equivalent to 16 cloudlets). The RAM allocation among the services in the stack is as follows:

  • 50% for the application server (LiteSpeed Web Server or NGINX)
  • 10% for the Redis cache server
  • 40% for the MariaDB database server

You can easily adjust the default limit through the topology wizard if needed. However, keep in mind that a node restart will be required to implement any changes in the scaling limit.

Be aware that your node will be restarted to apply a new scaling limit.

Simplified Software Update Steps for WordPress, LLSMP, and LEMP

Keeping your software up-to-date is important to ensure optimal performance and security. To update WordPress and the LLSMP or LEMP stack:

1. To update the WordPress application, log in to the WordPress admin panel and navigate to Dashboard > Updates. If any updates are available, click the “Update Now” button and follow the on-screen instructions.

2. To update the software stack, simply redeploy the container to the desired version through the FullHost.Cloud dashboard. This process causes a short downtime, but your application data will be protected and only the container system files will be updated. No additional steps are required.

Costs for the WordPress Standalone Package

The WordPress Standalone solution is a cost-effective option as it requires only one container for all the hosting processes. The pricing is based on the fair usage-based system offered by FullHost.Cloud, where you are charged only for the resources (RAM, CPU, disk space) that you actually consume and not for the container limits.

To get the most out of the solution, we recommend adding additional paid options for better performance and security. For instance, if you require more than 2 GB of RAM (16 cloudlets), the LiteSpeed Web Server as a part of the LLSMP stack will come with additional charges.

Integrating with CDN (Content Delivery Network) is free, but usage is charged according to the Verizon Edgecast pricing, with FullHost.Cloud customers enjoying premium traffic at the same minimum price across all continents and countries without any additional charges based on geographic location.

Note: If the Let’s Encrypt option is enabled during the package installation, a public IP will be automatically attached to your container, as it is required for issuing SSL certificates. The cost of public IP addresses can be viewed in the dashboard under the Quotas & Pricing > Pricing > Options frame.

Special Environment Variables

The WordPress Standalone container offers several environment variables for customizing and managing your setup.

These include:

  • ADMINPANEL_ENABLED: Controls access to the phpMyAdmin console for the integrated MariaDB database server. By default, access is allowed (set to “true”).
  • REDIS_ENABLED: Enables or disables object caching with Redis. By default, it is enabled (set to “true”).
  • WAF: Enables or disables the Web Application Firewall with the Comodo default ruleset. This is only applicable to the LiteSpeed Web Server and its default value is based on the option selected during the package installation.
  • CP_MEM_LIMIT: Defines the portion of RAM reserved for the application server (NGINX/LiteSpeed). The default value is 50% of the total container RAM.
  • CACHE_MEM_LIMIT: Defines the portion of RAM reserved for the Redis cache server. The default value is 10% of the total container RAM.
  • DB_MEM_LIMIT: Defines the portion of RAM reserved for the MariaDB database server. The default value is 40% of the total container RAM.

Note: RAM limits can be specified in megabytes, gigabytes, or as a percentage. If units are omitted, the values are treated as percentages.

The container must be restarted to implement any modifications made.

To access advanced features like LiteSpeed Web Server, Premium CDN, and Let’s Encrypt SSL, you will need to have a paid account. However, you can start by testing the basic functionality with a trial account and later upgrade to a paid account with no limitations. Get started with a free trial now and experience the cost-effective WordPress hosting powered by LLSMP/LEMP stack templates inside a lightweight and scalable container.

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