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About Us

Web Hosting by Canadians for Canadians. Home base is on the West Coast in Victoria BC, but our reach is wherever you need us to be.

Our Mission

“Be passionate about everything that we do, be dedicated to improving ourselves, our technology, and our products every day. We do not accept the status quo so we can give our clients the best experience now and in the future.”

A Bit About Us

From our offices in Victoria, British Columbia, we’ve been in the business of helping Canadians with their web hosting needs since 2004. While we are rooted on the west coast of Canada, our reach is wherever you need us to be. With 24/7 technical support, we are never closed and no matter when you need us, we are there to help you with your questions and support.

We have your full solutions to all of your hosting needs, all the way from shared web hosting to virtual private servers (VPS), with both self managed and managed virtual cloud servers for you to choose from. We also got Reseller Hosting plans for those of you that have your own clients that you want to host yourself. And of course, if you need a domain we have a whole bunch of TLDs for you to choose from, and yes we got .ca domains to give your site a truly Canadian feel. Check out our SSL certificates if you have a client area or shopping cart on your site that you need to have secured.

Now we wouldn’t be providing Canadian solutions to your web hosting if our servers and everything else wasn’t hosted in Canada. And we can guarantee that our servers are all in Canada, to adhere to the strict privacy laws that most Canadians and Canadian businesses need and want for their hosting. No need to worry that your information is housed south of the border.

Speaking of guarantees, we offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee. How can we do that? Well, because we only choose the best of everything, from servers to our network. And when we don’t meet that 99.9% in any given month, you’ll get a credit to offset it.

Our Guiding Principles

Now that you’ve learned a bit about us, we’d like you to know about the five guiding principles that we live and breathe every single day:

We Care. We are in the business to help people. We are here to deliver the best support we can when our clients need us. We want to foster an environment of mutual respect for each other and build a culture of trust. We believe in being honest and holding ourselves to the highest levels of integrity.

We Invest in the Best. When you are trusted to hold valuable information, and ensure it is accessible to both our clients and their customers at any time, we take pride in ensuring that we find the best hardware, networks, and data centers to deliver our solutions from.

We Work to Find Solutions. Each time our clients contact us, it is an opportunity to strengthen our relationship. We do what we can to make it work, and will always look to what we can do to help our clients as opposed to what we cannot do. We do not believe in saying no and will provide alternatives and suggestions where they exist.

We are Knowledgeable. We ensure that our staff are properly trained, and have the experience and knowledge to do their job right. We believe in everyone being accountable for the work that they do and collaborate together when needed to ensure our clients get the right information the first time.

We Look to the Future. Technology continues to evolve and change and our client’s needs will continue to evolve with them. We are constantly looking to enhance our products and services and find innovative solutions to deliver a best in class hosting solutions to the Canadian market.

And to think, this whole company started around a single quote that means so much to us:

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” Henry Ford (1863-1947)

Thanks for stopping by, and reading about what matters most to us. If you want to learn more, click around some more and check us out. And feel free to say hello. We don’t bite.