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You trust us in giving you an awesome web hosting experience, and we take that responsibility seriously. Here’s how we invest in the technology that powers everything.


Our Network

A web host’s IT infrastructure is one of the key determinants of the service quality that you can expect. A robust network and well-maintained data centers ensure that your website runs on a reliable and technically superior platform.

Whether it is the hardware your site is hosted on, or the bandwidth and peering that connects your customers to your site, you need to know you have the right web hosting provider to give you the hosting solutions you demand and require. We have gone to great lengths to find the best of the best to provide you that infrastructure.

Additionally, with our data centers in Vancouver and Toronto, you will have your server hosted on Canadian soil, with great peering to all points in Canada from coast to coast.


When you need to get to a location outside of a network, you are now being handed off to another network. The quality of the network you go to is critical, and through the development of a strong peered network with Tier 1 providers, will give you superior performance and latency. With over 1,000 of these top level peering networks, no matter the location you need to get to outside of this network the performance should not suffer.

Additionally, by having a great peering relationship working behind the scene, you will find lower latency in data that is being routed, the traffic is filtered to find the most optimal and healthiest route, and should one peering be nonoperational, others will step up to fill its place, so there will be no impact on your traffic.

Our data center partner participates in some of the largest peering exchanges in the world, notably the LINX, AMSIX,PAIX and Equinix exchanges. Additionally, they have their own peering exchange, the PEER 1 Internet Exchange (PIX), available for any network to connect to in Montreal and Toronto, and in Vancouver, the biggest exchange in Western Canada.

Routers And Switches

These get your traffic where it needs to go, a switch to servers within a network, and a router to other networks. Like a driving a car on a road, you want to avoid trouble spots and traffic jams. Routers and switches need to handle the bandwidth load that is placed on them without creating bottlenecks. By investing in carrier grade routers and switches from Juniper Networks ®, that are unsurpassed for the reputation, you will realize the quality of why they are chosen. They are deployed with redundancy at every level.

Our Data Centers

We currently operate servers in the following data centers:

Toronto ON , Canada
Vancouver BC , Canada

Regulated Climate Control

The data centers have HVAC systems with full particle and humidity control, which ensure that the climate inside the data center is maintained according to ASHRAE Guidelines for proper functioning of the hardware.

Uninterrupted Power

Beyond the local power grid, onsite diesel generators and uninterruptible power systems (UPS) provide the redundancy if a local power outage happens, which are tested frequently to ensure they are ready if they need to be called upon.

Data Center Security

Stringent measures are in place to prevent physical security compromises. Not only are our data centers well-guarded, but they can be accessed only by authorized personnel. CCTV devices and round-the-clock on-site security personnel keep a close watch on the data centers. The advanced security features that employed include biometric fingerprint scanning and military-grade pass card access.

24×7 Monitoring

They are always network engineers and data center personnel on site at any time in case of emergency. There is no waiting until someone comes in to resolve a critical issue if one arises.