Centrally located near the heart of downtown Vancouver in Mount Pleasant.

If you are in western Canada, or with heavy traffic coming from Asia-Pacific, this location is well positioned for your needs.

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55 East 7th Ave
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Our Vancouver data center is set within a 10,000 square foot custom facility, including 7,500 square feet of server cabinet space, electrical distribution, cooling, and backup UPS and diesel generator systems. The facility is located near the Olympic Village, on the southeast side of False Creek, adjacent to the Vancouver downtown core.

The innovative design of the facility was conceived with rigorous security and structural integrity in mind. The building – and specifically the datacenter itself – is a cement bunker, including a 12” thick seismic sheer wall spanning its core. It is reinforced with multiple layers of physical protection such as multiple mantraps, proximity key‐card access requiring pass codes, and German made “Emka” combination locks for each cabinet.

The site is also monitored by constant video surveillance at all entry points as well as the inside of the facility. Cameras are monitored remotely while environmental sensors send a continuous stream of information about the Data Vault’s humidity, temperature, and airflow to our experienced management team stationed inside as well as out of the facility.

Power is supplied to our facility by BC Hydro via a dedicated 2.5MVA unit substation. In addition, a dedicated UPS system and Cummins generator backup system ensures that power interruptions never effect the equipment housed within.

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Facility Layout

The facility features a custom designed and built hot aisle/cold aisle configuration that ensure hot and cold air never mix. This design also includes the implementation of glass doors to seal the cold aisles off from the ambient room temperature, in turn ensuring that all equipment has access to cool air directly from the HVAC system.

Security & Reliability

Delivering uncompromising security and peace of mind is at the core of the data centers design. Data protection, security, and unbeatable service are the cornerstones of what the facility was built upon. As a PCI audited facility, regular testing, maintenance, and monitoring procedures are conducted and reviewed on an ongoing basis. As a result, you can rest assured we meet or surpass even the most stringent data requirements in the industry.

Diesel Generator Back Up

The facility is equipped with multiple power backup systems in order to keep the data center running in the event of a complete grid-wide power outage. The Cummins 250 kVa generator is regularly tested maintained by Finning, ensuring that we continue to comply with CSA industry standards. Established relationships with diesel fuel providers ensure that we can maintain power to the data center even in the event of a long-standing outage, and that our clients’ IT infrastructure will continue to stay online and operate seamlessly.

Video Surveillance

Concurrent with existing security measures, a video surveillance system of our entire facility is monitored by data centre staff. Cameras placed around the room allow constant surveillance of the facility from any angle, including all doorways and every server aisle.

Secure Mantrap Access & Loading Bay/Freight Elevator

Double-door mantraps are located at the front entrance and rear loading area to prevent unauthorized individuals from entering the facility. Each entrance features code key card access and security cameras. In addition, data center staff can view anyone who enters the doors through remote surveillance as well as direct visual monitoring at the data center entrance. The rear loading area features double sized man traps for easy loading of larger equipment, as well as a secure freight elevator that can be loaded directly from an external loading ramp via truck or van.


The facility is closely monitored with a series of sensors continuously checking for irregularities in heat, moisture, power, and disrupted airflow. The sensors send staff ongoing daily updates regarding the conditions inside the facility, including immediate alert notifications if an irregularity arises. Data center staff are available on‐site to provide direct response and assistance.

Going Green

With advanced level sensor monitoring in place, the data center is continuously monitored for temperature, humidity, and air flow to ensure optimal performance. The design of the facility also ensures that approximately 8 months of the year to take advantage of free cooling.

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