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Heather Watters

When hosting service was abruptly stopped by our previous provider (and customer support was inadequate), FullHost was our white knight. Within a few hours they had rescued and restored our site, run diagnostics, and recommended ways to optimize website performance. They saved us significant time and sales by bringing our channels live again - no questions asked, no run-around, and no extra fees. Highly recommended to those who like to work with companies that care.

Aaron Brighton

FullHosts’ dedication to your satisfaction is exemplary. After only being with them a month, they sent me a letter thanking me for being a customer! When the need came for custom kernel modules, they were able to install them in record time. Their technical expertise and most of all their staff make you feel like a friend, and talk to you on your level. FullHost has been by far the best VPS provider I’ve ever been with, I would give them quite literally an 11/10 rating.

Simren Sandhu

I switched to FullHost for my online publication after using another Canada-based provider for months. As the head executive of a rapidly growing media company, having a fast, secure, and well-monitored website was my top priority. My previous host was okay, but they eventually could not keep up with our pace of development. I can honestly say moving to FullHost was one of the best decisions we made for our company’s online presence. We are no longer being throttled for resource usage, have a generous amount of monthly bandwidth, and a top notch support team willing to help whenever we need it. The fact that they’re a Canadian host, built by and for Canadians is an added bonus. Sometimes it’s difficult for Canadian service providers to compete with their American counterparts for the same price; FullHost shattered that notion and gave us excellent features at a sensible price. Their customer service alone makes them stand out from the rest of the herd. I can’t count how many times their team has saved me hours of diagnosing and repairing site issues. I was so satisfied with their hosting that I even moved my personal website to them. FullHost is the way to go.The support people at Full Host are real people who make me feel important and taken care of. This is crucial, as they will be the ones looking after the hosting environments of my clients. I also appreciate the fact that Full Host is a Canadian company.

Robert Verreault

I just want to say that so far, my experience with fullhost.com is 5 stars on every aspect. Your technical service is really king as they helped me even on problems on my own side, not related to your service, they have been patient with me too.

I hope it stays that way and I will stay with you for years like I was with my other provider for 6 years before they shut down their VPS service.

Stefen Friesen

When you design websites for a living, the last thing you want to worry about is maintaining a server. In the early days of my startup, I went with the "critically acclaimed" hosting companies. If they didn't have the logos of at least five easily recognizable clients, I wanted nothing to do with them. Unfortunately, I learned the hard way that a lot of people share that mindset, and unless you're willing to give these hosting companies more money than I care to mention, you're going to end up on an overloaded server with a thousand other clients fighting for the same resources you are.

I tried a half dozen other hosting companies after suffering at the hands of an over crowded, under supported hosting environment. I learned that "managed" is an extremely relative term. Some companies hand you the keys to a VPS or dedicated server that they "setup" for you and offer absolutely no support after the fact.

FullHost is different. They configured my VPS like it was their own. It runs beautifully. And unlike other hosting companies, FullHost actually delivers on their promises. My server is fully managed, as advertised, and they always help me out with my requests (quite a few of which, I'm sure, fall outside the scope of server management).

FullHost will always have my business and, from the rapport we've developed over this past year, my friendship.

Garth Holmes

I have dealt with dozens of hosting providers over the last 15 years and my experience with FullHost far surpasses any other. I am happy with my VPS plan but it is your support that sets you apart from the competition… your support is second to none. I have found your support extremely fast, knowledgeable and friendly. I will be recommending FullHost to everyone.

Don Johnston

Great price, stable hosting of my photography website plus prompt, personal service and respose to questions. Excellent.
Kudos to Jason for quickly resolving a corrupted MySQL database issue and getting my website back online within minutes of me alerting Support of the issue. Very impressive!

Farzad Hamidi

Perfect team ,perfect support and best services !
I have been using FullHost services for my clients and they are extermly happy !
Definitely recommending FullHost to anyone.

Andreas Niesen

I have been using FullHost for a few years now, and they do a great job! I started with a Reseller Account, and as my webdesign company has grown, they now do server management for us and we register all our domains with them. Their support team picks up things quickly and helps me with everything I need! Thanks FullHost!

Terry Heenan

I am pleased with my choice of Full Host. I was concerned that the lack of telephone support would be a problem as this was my first venture into a shared host environment. But as I reflected on whether to choose them, I realized that being able to follow a thread that would eventually provide the answer to my question would be of more benefit to me. I can easily refer back to the solution, I can define my issue with more precision and I have to say that the response time has been everything that I could ask for. I can highly recommend their services