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Get double the defense for your inbox with both inbound and outbound email filtering. Our Spam and Anti-Virus Filtering for Email is designed to give you the most complete protection against spam, viruses, and phishing and malware attacks.

Outgoing Filter

Because you’re generally more aware of spam that enters your inbox, outgoing spam can often be overlooked. However, this is a very common problem – and a serious one at that. Outbound Filtering keeps your company’s reputation in good standing by protecting you from a plethora of nasty problems that malicious robots can wreak on your email platform. The filter combats spam from ever being sent by your network, so you’ll never worry about being blacklisted, the reputation of your IP address, or your brand name.

Fullhost Outgoing Filter

You’ll also avoid hefty fees from national legislative organizations who monitor the activity of unsolicited emails. Because of the jump in spam complaints over the last year, these organizations are cracking down harder than ever. Without using our Outgoing Filter, your accounts are at risk of being hijacked and used as unsolicited spam machines. If this happens, these legislative control groups can issue you serious fines and your reputation can be toast.

Blacklisting will also net you significant fines, not to mention create a huge aggravation of locating and resolving the compromised account(s) in your network. All it takes is one compromised account to ruin an IPs reputation and greatly affect your overall email continuity. To counteract this, we give you detailed ARF reports that indicate abusing accounts that need attention and lock them out from causing damage to your network. This ensures that your reputation is protected at all times.

In addition to ARF reports and automatic user-locking, we work closely with industry security firms and RBL operators. If you need help working with these parties, we will assist you in resolving your questions as quickly as possible.

All emails sent from your accounts are processed directly through our server filtering cluster in our Toronto and Vancouver locations. This filtering cluster looks for and detects any spam with a 99.9% accuracy rate and rejects those messages from ever being sent out.