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It’s never been easier to make money off an introduction

The best compliment any company can hope for is a referral.

We’ve wowed you with our unparalleled uptime and awesome team that’s here 24/7/365. Now you are thinking you’d like to send some of your contacts our way.

Word of mouth is the best advertising, and we’ve dug deep to pay you for making the introductory handshake.

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The Details
A few things you may be wondering about.

Be an Affiliate

To be an affiliate, you'll need to be an active client.

The Referral

The referral must be for a new client to FullHost.

Services Requerements

The services must be active for a minimum of 90 days for it to qualify

At Arms Length

You can't refer yourself.

Commission Payouts

Are added to your client account balance for future invoices.

Sign up Tracking

The cookie will last for 90 days, so if they sign up later that works too!

The Commissions

Our commission structure is outlined below. Depending on the product that your referring client selects, you will be eligible for the following payouts after 90 days:

Run a WordPress website the hands-off way. Stay focused on creating content for your site, and let us keep your WordPress secure and fast.

WordPress Hosting Commissions

100 C$
200 C$
300 C$
400 C$

Dive into a seamless hosting experience with Elastic Hosting. Designed for a diverse range of digital needs, this platform supports popular CMS options like WordPress, Drupal, and Magento, alongside our user-friendly, built-in website editor. To complement your online presence, each package is also equipped with integrated email.

Elevate your online endeavors with Elastic Hosting. A platform where quality, reliability, and integrated services come together to create the perfect digital environment for every user.

Elastic Hosting Commissions

25 C$
50 C$
100 C$
175 C$
250 C$

Take your email hosting to the next level. FullHost email hosting will provide your team with video conferencing, team chat, secure file storage, full native Outlook integration, and more - while remaining completely hosted on Canadian soil.

Step into an evolved world of email, where innovation meets security, and where every correspondence is an experience in itself.

Email Hosting Commissions (Paid on first payment)

+1 Additional Account
+25GB Disk Space

Step into the world of efficient web hosting management with our Reseller Hosting solution. Crafted to suit the needs of those looking to offer web hosting services under their own brand, our platform provides the infrastructure, tools, and support needed to succeed in this competitive arena. Manage multiple client accounts with ease, customize packages to suit varied needs, and deliver a performance that reflects your brand's promise.

Embark on a journey with our Reseller Hosting platform, where the amalgamation of top-tier infrastructure, intuitive management tools, and dedicated support paves the way for your hosting business's growth and success. Drive value to your clients and elevate your brand with a solution that's built for scalability and performance.

Reseller Hosting Commissions

75 C$
125 C$
175 C$
250 C$
325 C$

Step into a realm of autonomy and power with our Virtual Machine Hosting. Offering dedicated, cloud-based virtual machines, this service provides an isolated environment with resources uniquely allocated to your needs. It’s compatible with a myriad of applications and supports diverse OS, making it a versatile choice for those who need a mix of flexibility and control.

With Virtual Machine Hosting, experience the fusion of dedicated resources and the flexibility to manage your own environment. Propel your projects with a hosting solution designed for those who know exactly what they need.

Virtual Machines (VMs) Commissions

Dive into the realm of premium virtual private server solutions with our Managed VPS Hosting. Combining the power of cloud infrastructure with the dedicated resources of a VPS, our managed solution ensures optimal performance, unmatched reliability, and seamless scalability. Say goodbye to the intricacies of server management; our expert team takes the reins, ensuring that your VPS remains secure, updated, and optimized.

With Managed Cloud VPS Hosting, experience the ease of a fully-managed solution combined with the robustness of VPS. Tailor-made for those valuing performance and peace of mind, our hosting promises uptime, speed, and expert support when you need it the most.

Managed Cloud VPS Hosting Commissions

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Full Host did an amazing job of migrating my site seamlessly onto their server. My only regret was not switching my site over to them sooner. Now it is performing great, images are uploading way faster than ever before.

" Vancouver Sofa and Patio - Jerry Schmidt

Two thumbs up for Fullhost! Agents reply to me fairly quickly or at least let me know they received the ticket and are looking into it. Kudos to the support team as they have always given me exactly what I need without delays.

" Universal Staffing Inc. - Anthony Calvano

FullHost is an absolute pleasure to work with, and their customer service is exceptional. Whenever I have questions or need adjustments, they are there to help, quickly, efficiently, with answers and insights.

" Mooseworld Inc. Norine Leibel

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Whether your audience is located in Europe, Asia, Africa, or Australia, provide them with lightening speed!

FullHost's data centers are located in Toronto and Vancouver to ensure worldwide quality and speed.

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