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Protect your web server against more threats and digital attacks with an automated
self learning security solution, powered by AI.

Imunify360 is a next-generation security solution. It delivers a sophisticated detection of new security threats by collecting information from attacks around the globe. This self learning technology is highly effective at understanding the data from web traffic across the globe it is collecting and acts on these threats potentially coming at your Linux Web Servers.

By understanding these security threats, Imunify360 takes this information and updates its rules to prevent these threats. This powerful AI learning is unsurpassed. The extensive signature based algorithms moves quickly to analyze new patterns and behaviours to thwart new attacks.

This is a very responsive system that keeps performance of your server in mind to ensure that the frequency of these scans does not in any way detract from the performance you need and expect from your web server.

What Imunify360 will do for you

  • – Protection against many threats to your web server, including distributed brute force attack as well as protecting your web applications against malware injections and defacement attacks.
  • – Automatically secures the kernel and older PHP versions.
  • – The self learning technology will analyze the global network and ban attackers before they even have launched an attack against you.
  • – Using advanced Captcha for vetting website visitors and the smart intrusion detection ensures good traffic gets through, while the central intrusion system and reputation management keep the bad traffic away.

Product Availability

Imunify360 has been deployed across all of our “shared” hosting environments (Shared Hosting, Enterprise Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting) and is available for purchase for our Virtual and Dedicated Server clients. Check out our Licenses page for pricing.

How Imunify360 Works







Centralized Incident Management Dashboard
This dashboard allows you to be kept up to date on the latest incidents and security events which updates at 30 second intervals. It also allows you to see the overall state of your server and manage all aspects to the security from it.

Advanced Firewall with Herd Immunity
Capable of defending all sorts of attacks, including brute force, port scans, DoS attacks etc. It also works to prevent any unauthorized users from accessing your web server. The herd immunity and AI work quickly to detect new threats.

Intrusion Detection/Prevention System
A comprehensive set of deny policy rules to quickly block known attacks. Server logs are reviewed and log files scanned and IPs will be banned that show signs of attempting to execute malicious activities like password failures and potential exploits.

Malware Detection
File systems are scanned for malware injections, and automatically quarantine infected files. Security scanning and patch management is coming soon, and will detect and update outdated software components and notify you of ones that cannot be updated.

Sandboxing (coming soon)
Safety sandboxes can be created around your web applications and what permissions and rules can be done on them. That way hackers are prevented from injecting malware, escalating privileges, etc.

Patch Management
– Rebootless Secure Kernel – KernelCare allows you to always keep your kernel secure and automatically patching is applied without the need to reboot the server.
– Hardened PHP – Keep your server secure by patching all PHP versions against known vulnerabilities. You can then run any PHP version without having to update programs.
– LibCare (coming soon) – Glibc will be automatically be patches without having to reboot the server.

Website Reputation Monitoring
Your site(s) and IPs will be reviewed against any blacklists and notify you if they are. At this time, this feature works just for domains and full feature release is coming soon.