Security solution with linux malware scanner for servers

Protect your web server against more threats and digital attacks with an automated self learning security solution, powered by AI.

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Robust protection against cyber attacks

Protects Your System from Known and Unknown Malware

A Significantly Lower False Positive Rate is a Top Priority

Integration inside your hosting control panel, with 24x7 support

Imunify360 is a
comprehensive security suite

imunify protects your server
and all hosted websites

The web application firewall tightly integrates with ModSecurity and a low false-positive ruleset to enhance its efficiency. In combination with the WAF, Imunify360 stops most web application attacks before they even start. An advanced Captcha system stops malicious activity and ensures only valid visitors can reach your website.

The WebShield component takes care of CDN and Proxy Traffic by determining the attackers' real IP addresses, then differentiates those IP addresses from those of legitimate users. The Webshield grey-lists suspicious IPs and challenges malicious requests with a Captcha.

The second layer of protection happens at the Application service level of your server. The unique Proactive Defense technology detects and blocks malicious execution flow in runtime. It analyzes the PHP script behavior and prevents it from causing any harm to the site or server. It either blocks the entire script execution or just the malicious flow. This is crucially important because malicious code is often hidden: obfuscated, injected in the middle of the legitimate file, fetched from the network dynamically, and placed in the database. Proactive Defense detects right away when it is executed and stops it before it causes any damage.

"Herd immunity" - collective immunity based on data related to incidents and attacks accumulated from all Imunify360 instances. We analyze incidents in real-time and produce protection rules we distribute to all Imunify installations. Once an attacker is identified, we proactively block malicious activity on all servers.

The cloud-based component has a Real-time blocklist server containing blocklisted IP subnets and IPs for specific URL zones used in the WAF RBL module working server-side.

The final layer of defense occurs at the File-System level during file input/output operations. The file system is where Imunify Antivirus comes into play.

When a file is uploaded to the system, it is scanned in real-time. If it is malicious, it is cleaned. This mitigates the destructive effects on an unprotected system and is helpful for an already infected site.

A background scan performs regular file checks to keep your server and applications clean.

On-Demand scans can be run at any time by administrators or end-users to check any folder or file against malware.

Multi-layered security
for your linux web server

Imunify360 is a complete web-server security package for Linux. Antivirus, Firewall, WAF, PHP Security Layer, Patch Management …

Out of the Box Layered Protection at the Network Level

The Network layer consists of a Web-Application Firewall combined with the WebShield and a Network Firewall. This layer protects against different web attacks sent via HTTP/HTTPS as regular traffic and from a CDN or Proxy. Each component uses cloud-based information, and many attacks are blocked in real-time. Attackers cannot bypass the protection while collecting data. Additionally, the network layer does not wait for attackers to reach a threshold. Imunify360 offers 360-degree protection leaving no possibility for the malware to go through to the server.

Detection and Prevention

By monitoring server logs, the Intrusion Detection System (IDS) provides excellent visibility of server security. It scans log files from several different angles and bans IPs that show signs of malicious activity. This activity includes password failures, potential exploits, etc., and reports the data Imunify360's Dashboard.

Easy Centralized threat monitoring

Imunify360 combines WAF, IDS, IPS, Network Firewall, Proactive Defense, and File Antivirus as a single working engine. It shares data amongst all system components and provides a much higher level of protection.

The central dashboard displays all security events, with the latest incidents updated in real-time. The central dashboard is customizable and allows filtering and event selection based on various parameters, reviewing incident details, accessing allowlist and blocklist management features, viewing settings, reports, and much more.

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