File Sync & Share

Ultra-Secure, Fully Compliant Canadian Cloud Storage

Offering unparalleled data security, our file sync and share solution, hosted entirely in Canada, emphasizes your privacy and compliance needs above all else.

Empower Productivity,
Foster Collaboration

Streamlining Workflow with Secure Collaboration

Boost team efficiency with our secure file sync and share solution. Experience seamless collaboration, real-time updates, and streamlined workflow, all while safeguarding your sensitive data. Our platform, hosted entirely in Canada, ensures optimal privacy and regulatory compliance, fostering a worry-free collaborative environment.

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Mitigate Security Risks,
Safeguard Your Data

Strengthen Your Defense with Secure Storage

Secure your sensitive data from potential threats with our robust file sync and share solution. Hosted entirely in Canada, our platform provides the utmost security, effectively mitigating risks. We adhere to the highest standards of compliance, providing you with a secure digital fortress for your data management needs.

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Ensuring Business
Continuity, No Matter What

Seamless Operations with Secure File Sync

Our platform enables you to maintain business continuity, even in uncertain times. By securely storing and syncing your files in the cloud, we facilitate uninterrupted operations. With a strong focus on data security and compliance, we create a robust environment for your business to thrive unhindered.

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Enhanced Features

Experience superior data control, seamless sharing, and mobile productivity with our secure file sync solution.

Access Your Data
Securely, Whenever, Wherever

Experience seamless file sync and share from any location, at any time, across a variety of devices. Our platform provides you the flexibility of access without compromising on data security.

Effortless File Sharing
with Defined Expiry

Our platform enables secure sharing of files with both internal and external users, with customizable link expiration dates. Avoid attaching unversioned documents to emails or storing them in unsecured clouds.

Granular Control
for Enhanced Security

Manage every aspect in granular detail. Define security policies and ensure stringent control and compliance for content, users, and devices, dictating specific policies on file types, size, and properties.

Swift and Safe File Collection

Our file upload feature allows end users to request and receive files swiftly and securely. With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, users can securely upload files without having to be added as a guest user.

Elevate Your Mobile Productivity

Boost mobile productivity with comprehensive Microsoft Office mobile app support, convenient PDF editing and annotation, as well as bookmark synchronization across iOS devices.

Extend Sharing to Guest Users

Enable users to share files and folders with external guests identified by their email addresses. This feature not only saves time but also adds an additional layer of security by auditing guest user access.

Value-Driven Pricing

Select from flexible packages designed for your unique requirements.
Your Launchpad
7.50 C$/Mo

Foundational Package for Individual Data Needs

1 User
  • 250GB Storage
  • Anytime, anywhere access
  • Easy and secure sharing
+1 Additional User

Expand Your Team's Access

5.00 C$/Mo
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+500GB Storage

Boost Storage Capacity in 500GB Increments

10.00 C$/Mo
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Our pricing is crafted with your needs in mind, offering scalability and flexibility. Whether you're expanding your team or need more storage, our pricing adapts to meet your requirements, ensuring you only pay for what you use.

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Experience Comprehensive
Benefits, Securely Delivered

Transforming Workflow with Secure Collaboration

Embrace the myriad of benefits our platform offers. From robust data security to seamless collaboration, our solution enhances productivity across industries. Experience the convenience of secure file sync and share, along with comprehensive control and compliance features, all hosted in Canada.

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Uncompromising Compliance and Security

Experience unrivaled data protection, tracking, control, and enhanced authentication, with all data stored in Canada.

Detailed Tracking & Comprehensive Auditing

Our platform provides a robust audit trail for all transactions, including search, filter, and export functions. Gain insights into user activities, document access, and sharing patterns, ensuring transparency and control.

Fortified Encryption

Experience superior data protection with over-the-air and on-device encryption, including FIPS 140-2 certified encryption for iOS devices, safeguarding your sensitive information at all times.

Granular File Control

Regulate file access and sharing based on the rules and policies set by administrators, ensuring alignment with your corporate governance, compliance, and security policies.

Security, Privacy & Remote Wipe

Our platform provides the ability to selectively remote wipe corporate content from the user's device in case of loss, theft, or employee departure, ensuring the security of your sensitive data.

Elevated Authentication Mechanisms

Enhance your data security with our two-factor authentication system. This stringent security measure caters to the elevated requirements of government entities and regulated industries.

Canadian Data Residency

Benefit from our commitment to keeping your data on Canadian soil. Our platform ensures your data resides solely in Canada, providing an added layer of security and compliance.

Trusted in demanding environments

Discover how our platform provides tailored, secure file sync and share solutions across multiple industries.


Securely manage and share sensitive patient data. Our platform complies with healthcare regulations, ensuring patient confidentiality and data integrity.

Legal services

Effortlessly share confidential client files and case documents. Our platform's robust security safeguards privileged information, facilitating legal workflows.


Enable secure collaboration on educational resources, assignments, and research data. Our platform fosters a secure digital learning environment.

Financial services

Protect and manage sensitive financial data with our stringent security features. Our platform ensures compliant data handling for financial institutions.


Safely store, share and sync project blueprints, contracts, and other construction-related documents. Our platform streamlines construction project management.

Real estate

Securely share property listings, contracts, and client data. Our platform provides a secure, efficient solution for real estate professionals.

Supporting Cleaner,
Greener Technology

100% Powered by Clean & Renewable Energy

We understand the responsibility that comes with being a leader in the hosting industry which is why we strive to minimize our environmental impact through the use of renewable energy. Our commitment to green technology ensures that all of your data and websites are supported without any additional strain on the environment.

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Client Experiences with FullHost: Hear Their Stories

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Rob Wilson - President iContext

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Full Host did an amazing job of migrating my site seamlessly onto their server. My only regret was not switching my site over to them sooner. Now it is performing great, images are uploading way faster than ever before.

" Vancouver Sofa and Patio - Jerry Schmidt

Two thumbs up for Fullhost! Agents reply to me fairly quickly or at least let me know they received the ticket and are looking into it. Kudos to the support team as they have always given me exactly what I need without delays.

" Universal Staffing Inc. - Anthony Calvano

FullHost is an absolute pleasure to work with, and their customer service is exceptional. Whenever I have questions or need adjustments, they are there to help, quickly, efficiently, with answers and insights.

" Mooseworld Inc. Norine Leibel

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