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Enterprise projects require an experienced, robust hosting solution to keep up with their scope and scale. Our WordPress hosting offers a dependable platform for large-scale websites designed to meet the most demanding needs.

Get the tools and support you need to transform your digital experience while keeping your backend running safe and secure. With built in features focusing on improved performance, cyber protection, and fast loading speeds, this service is designed to help you avoid downtime and handle unexpected load spikes. Plus, with the FullHost.Cloud pay-per-use pricing model, get access to enterprise-grade performance and reliability without the hefty price tag.

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Our Clusterized Approach Ensures Maximum Uptime & Performance

Get the most reliable WordPress hosting cluster with a simple, pre-configured template that can be installed in minutes. Ensure high availability for your website and eliminate any worry about slowdowns or downtime!

LiteSpeed ADC or NGINX load balancer are ideal solutions for managing incoming traffic with a smooth distribution.

LiteSpeed or NGINX servers with preconfigured auto-scaling capabilities to maximize your website's responsiveness.

MariaDB Galera Cluster or master-slave replication can provide the highest levels of uptime and availability.

Redis caching and Shared Storage allows for maximum availability.

Let's Encrypt SSL is pre-installed as an add-on for built-in, no-hassle security features.

Premium CDN integration ensures your static assets can be loaded quickly, enabling a seamless experience.

LiteSpeed Web Server offers advanced protection with its integrated web application firewall.

Protect your business and data with layer-7 Anti-DDoS Filtering for advanced protection against botnet traffic.

WordPress Multisite Networking allows for connected websites to share a single database, making managing more effective.

Scale On-Demand
Without the Hassle

Enjoy maximum flexibility and cost savings without sacrificing quality.

With a worry-free approach to resource allocation, you can trust that your WordPress website hosting won't break the bank. FullHost.Cloud's WordPress web hosting automatically scales your resource allocation using specific triggers:

  • Low Load:
  • Adds: 1 server node if load is above 70%
  • Removes: 1 server node if load is below 20%
  • Medium Load:
  • Adds: 1 server node if load is above 50%
  • Removes: 1 server node if load is below 20%
  • High Load:
  • Adds: 2 server nodes if load is above 30%
  • Removes: 1 server node if load is below 10%

the DevOps Pipeline

Ensure safety with tried-and-true updates that go through a rigorous testing process, minimizing the possibility of conflict and downtime.
  • Provision staging sites quickly and easily, allowing you to test new functionality or conduct A/B tests in a production environment.
  • Ensure team collaboration with varying levels of access and visibility into given environments.
  • Enable marketing and development teams to work simultaneously while publishing updates independently without disrupting operations.
  • Our service provides automated integration, delivery, and updates without disrupting your live site.
  • Simplify deployment and management with a user-friendly, intuitive web UI.

Optimize Multisite Network Management

Experience maximum efficiency and revenue potential with multisite website management.

If you're running several sites, you no longer need to waste time and resources managing individual sites. The WordPress multisite network allows you to manage multiple sites with ease, complete with features such as:

  • Manage and gain immediate visibility into multiple sites from one, intuitive dashboard
  • Add new users and admins to specific sites
  • Activate new plugins and themes across multiple sites at once
  • Ensure updates and installations are applied across websites in the network
  • Customize websites and blogs individually from a single dashboard

FullHost.Cloud's WordPress hosting provides multisite network integration through domain mapping and integrated CDN.

Multi-Region Deployment

Experience enterprise-grade availability with our turnkey solution from day one, no excessive training or budget required!

Today, businesses operate anytime, anywhere. If you're trying to scale and grow, you need a solution that has your back and can keep you operational around the world. WordPress clusters unleash the potential of multi-region deployment and fault tolerance, delivering reliable availability around the globe. This brings business continuity even in case of a data center outage while also improving website ranking from search engine perspective - faster response times attract more customers regardless of their location!

See our chart below for how we manage multi-region deployment in real time.

Scalable WordPress Hosting

FullHost offers versatile WordPress hosting, starting at $3. The standalone option integrates essential services on a single server, offering affordability and efficiency. Ideal for those seeking a simple yet effective online presence.

For larger needs, the $40/month WordPress cluster provides robust scalability with over 12 servers, including load balancers and a Galera SQL cluster. This solution ensures high performance and reliability for growing businesses, representing a leap in hosting technology.

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Supporting Cleaner,
Greener Technology

100% Powered by Clean & Renewable Energy

We understand the responsibility that comes with being a leader in the hosting industry which is why we strive to minimize our environmental impact through the use of renewable energy. Our commitment to green technology ensures that all of your data and websites are supported without any additional strain on the environment.

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What web server is recommended for optimal WordPress hosting?

Good question! When looking for a server to host your WordPress site, the three most popular options are Apache, NGINX and LiteSpeed. Statistics point towards lower performance results with an Apache sever - making NGINX or LiteSpeed preferable. For small and medium-sized projects, NGINX may be convenient; however configuration can take additional time and effort compared to preconfigured settings provided by using LiteSpeed web servers which come recommended as the ideal choice for larger scale projects due to their superior caching abilities along with improved security & performance capabilities.

What is the Difference between Standalone and Enterprise WordPress Hosting?

LLSMP (Linux + LiteSpeed + MariaDB + PHP)

LEMP (Linux + NGINX + MariaDB + PHP)

The following components are integrated out-of-box for WordPress Standalone:

  • Premium CDN Add-On for rapid content loading
  • Let’s Encrypt SSL Add-On for built-in security
  • LiteSpeed Web Server for high performance and low memory consumption
  • Web Application Firewall for optimizing computing power
  • MariaDB database for content storage
  • Redis DBMS for object caching
  • WordPress Standalone container is ideal for running small- or medium-sized projects. It ensures top-level performance and security while ensuring the lowest price possible.
  • Wordpress Cluster Enterprise package contains the following components:
  • Premium CDN Add-On for rapid content loading
  • Let’s Encrypt SSL Add-On for built-in security
  • LiteSpeed Web ADC for load balancing
  • LiteSpeed Web Server for high performance and low memory consumption
  • Web Application Firewall for optimizing computing power
  • MariaDB database for content storage
  • Redis DBMS for object caching
  • Web Servers Shared Storage for preserving static assets without slowing down the site
  • WordPress Enterprise hosting is ideal for large, enterprise-grade production-ready sites with high load. This package guarantees high availability, zero downtime, excellent performance, automatic scaling, and cost-effective hosting
How can I Gain WordPress High-Availability and Performance?

We ensure WordPress site high-availability and best performance (which is traditionally a resource-intensive task) with the following components and built-in functionalities:

  • Automatic vertical and horizontal scaling based on incoming load to avoid costly downtime
  • At least Two Web Servers: first to process all the data replicated to the second one which serves the website traffic
  • Multi-master database replication which ensures failover and reliable storage of dynamic content at optimal speed
  • CDN to provide the fastest content loading and an excellent, optimized experience for customers and site visitors
  • At least one load balancer to manage incoming traffic distribution to ensure site speed
  • Shared storage for all the web servers in the various clusters to preserve static assets

The FullHost.Cloud pre-configured WordPress Cluster Kit includes all the above and even more. Moreover, it can be up and running in a few clicks without advanced training and configuration.

What is WooCommerce? How can I integrate WooCommerce with your Hosting Service?

WooCommerce is a dynamic and powerful open-source eCommerce platform designed specifically for WordPress.

With FullHost.Cloud hosting service, you can easily pair a WooCommerce with our platform. Both of our WordPress offerings are fully automated, so you simply have to enable the WooCommerce plugin. You’re immediately good to go!

 What is the WordPress hosting cost with FullHost.Cloud?

FullHost.Cloud offers transparent, usage-based pricing to help you preserve your resources. You’ll only be charged for the resources you consume per hour (such as RAM, CPU, disk space, traffic). Hosting costs may very depending on the chosen package (standalone or cluster) and any additional features.

Did you know?

Despite the booming $600bn WordPress economy in 2021, it can be difficult for businesses to find reliable and secure hosting solutions that are both developer-friendly and performance-focused. Expensive pricing models often leave companies with slow, unanticipated website experiences - jeopardizing their online success. Finding a hosting provider you can trust is essential to business growth.

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