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Build and launch your site easily with no coding experience.

FullHost makes it easy to build a fully responsive website that looks great and functions seamlessly and can be ready to launch in under a day.

With the extensive range of features available, you can create, edit and launch a website without any coding experience. Choose from over 500 themes, 100+ widgets, integrated email hosting, and unlimited pages.

Building a launch-ready website has never been so simple.


Craft a beautiful, functional website in your own time

At FullHost, we help people craft websites, blogs, eCommerce sites and online portfolios that perform. No matter what industry you’re in or what product or service you want to showcase, you’ll find a pre-designed, fully customized template that perfectly fits your needs.

Why choose a pre-designed template? They take all the hassle out of building a website, saving you thousands of dollars in building costs and months of meticulous planning. Additionally, our Website Builder is included with our Elastic Hosting plans, starting at just $8/mo, including email hosting. No additional costs to use and build your site.

With our range of powerful features, you don’t need a technical background to get your website ready for launch day either. Our Drag and Drop feature make editing and customizing templates a breeze.

Responsive designing means that every one of our templates is automatically responsive to small screens and mobile devices and our range of widgets makes crafting a functional site simple. Add design elements to every page with ease and launch your site with the click of just one button. Since you’re in complete control, making edits to your site after launch day is just as simple.

Yup. We’ve made building your next website as stress-free, straightforward and seamless as possible. Save time working on your website, and get back to business with our Website Builder.

500+ Professional Themes

Choose from hundreds of templates that make looking good easy.

Whether you're looking to launch a blog, craft a portfolio to show off your skills, or launch a professional business website, you'll find a wide range of themes covering everything from business and boutiques to e-commerce and entertainment.

Choosing a great template is just the beginning. Our simple Drag and Drop interface makes customizing your new website easy. With no technical knowledge needed, you can plan, edit, and launch your website in your own time.

Recently added themes

Fully responsive pre-designed templates, ready to go whenever you are.

100+ Awesome Widgets

Enhance the capabilities of your site with our range of widgets.

Choosing a pre-designed template for your website doesn't mean you have to miss out on all the bells and whistles of a custom web design. With over a hundred widgets to choose from, it's easy to add functionality to your site.

Drag and Drop widgets make it simple to incorporate design elements that enrich your site and add value to every page. Explore Widgets like Google Maps, Contact Form, Image Gallery, Image/Video Slider, Rich Text, Audio, Video, Service Box, Social Media Buttons, Call To Action, Grid Gallery and many more.

Best Features Website Builder

Powerful features and a simple-to-use interface make our Website Builder simply outstanding.

One-Click Publish

Choose from 100+ professional themes. Customize as you see fit. Publish whenever you are ready.

Static Pages

Publish static web pages including HTML, CSS, and Javascript for optimum site performance and speed.


Fully responsive designs, compatible with all screen sizes from desktops to mobile devices.

Easy to Use

No technical experience is needed. Craft functional, beautiful web pages using Drag and Drop.

Social Media

Easily connect your social media pages, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and more.


Keep your audience and fans in the loop. Create and publish blog posts to your website easily.


Tell your story via a range of media — from video to audio, photo galleries on every page.

Multiple Sites

Create multiple sites customized through their appearance, themes, widgets, and content.

Free with our

Elastic Hosting

Flexible hosting that grows with you.

Unlike other companies that offer site builders, we want to give you a flexible hosting solution that is packed with extras and can allow you to bring all of your digital assets to be hosted in one place. There is no big fees, or any fees at all to use our site builder, and with hosting plans of all sizes and budgets, you can bring over your HTML, or WordPress or other CMS sites to us too. And you get unlimited emails to support your growing brand.

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If you've been burned by terrible hosting services before, we get you. We want every client to feel important and fully taken care of, and we'll spend the time it takes to solve any problem that arises.

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Full Host did an amazing job of migrating my site seamlessly onto their server. My only regret was not switching my site over to them sooner. Now it is performing great, images are uploading way faster than ever before.

" Vancouver Sofa and Patio - Jerry Schmidt

Two thumbs up for Fullhost! Agents reply to me fairly quickly or at least let me know they received the ticket and are looking into it. Kudos to the support team as they have always given me exactly what I need without delays.

" Universal Staffing Inc. - Anthony Calvano

FullHost is an absolute pleasure to work with, and their customer service is exceptional. Whenever I have questions or need adjustments, they are there to help, quickly, efficiently, with answers and insights.

" Mooseworld Inc. Norine Leibel

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Whether your audience is located in Europe, Asia, Africa, or Australia, provide them with lightening speed!

FullHost's data centers are located in Toronto and Vancouver to ensure worldwide quality and speed.

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