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Take the guesswork out of scaling your app with automatic server optimization and pay-as-you-use pricing.

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Meet hassle free hosting! We help you scale automatically and set Scaling Limits so resources will always be available. You have one less thing to worry about.

How does it work? Every container hosted with the FullHost.Cloud is divided into granular units called cloudlets (128MiB of RAM and 200Mhz of CPU).

Our smart system takes hourly measurements, ensuring you only pay for what you use.

Intuitive Pay Per Use Pricing Scale

Our platform ensures you only pay for what you need so you can scale with confidence, on-time, and on budget.

FullHost.Cloud is a revolutionary new way to deploy and scale your app. Experience one automated platform that equips you to avoid costly downtime without being overcharged for consumption.

No matter how high your Scaling Limit - what you pay is only ever based on real usage. This takes the guesswork out of resource planning while ensuring you have enough for high performance during an average load and in the case of load spikes.

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Scaling Solution

With our resource scaling limit, you can pay less and get more value out of your investment. We believe in full transparency in our pricing model See below to discover exactly what you're paying for.

Reserved cloudlets

These cloudlets are reserved in advance (using the topology wizard). You always pay for the configured reserved cloudlets, even if you use fewer resources.

The discount level is the total sum of all Reserved Cloudlets per environment.

1 Cloudlet = 128MB RAM + 200Mhz CPU

Cost per Reserved Cloudlet
Per Hour*
1 - 15
128MB - 2048MB
16 - 31
2048MB - 4096MB
32 - 63
4096MB - 8192MB
64 - 127
8192MB - 16384MB
128 - 255
16384MB - 32768MB
256 - ∞
32768MB - Onwards

Dynamic cloudlets

Instant dynamic scaling resources for your application. You only pay for Dynamic Cloudlets in use. Use the Scaling Limit in the topology wizard to set the maximum allowed per server.

The discount level is the total sum of all Dynamic Cloudlets in use per environment.

1 Cloudlet = 128MB RAM + 200Mhz CPU

Cost per Dynamic Cloudlet
Per Hour*
1 - 15
128MB - 2048MB
16 - 31
2048MB - 4096MB
32 - 63
4096MB - 8192MB
64 - 127
8192MB - 16384MB
128 - 255
16384MB - 32768MB
256 - ∞
32768MB - Onwards

Disk Space Charge

Disk space is charged hourly per GB of disk space used in your environment. Unused disk space is not charged.

Disk Used
Price Per GB/Hour
Price Per GB/Month
1GB -


Traffic usage is charged per hour & first GB of data transfer is free every hour. The discount level is based on the amount of external traffic used per environment in the previous month. Internal traffic is absolutely free!

External traffic last month
Price per GB
1GB - 1024GB
1024GB - 4096GB
4096GB - 10240GB
10240GB - 35840GB
4096GB - Onwards

FullHost.Cloud SSL

This free SSL is to secure your environment domain name ( We also offer Free LetsEncrypt SSL certificates for your custom domain names.

Price Per/Hour
Price Per/Month
FullHost.Cloud SSL

External IP

This is an external IP address which is directly accessible from outside of the cluster. The charge is taken hourly.

Price Per IP/Hour
Price Per IP/Month
Public IPv4

Edgeport CDN Add-On

Edgeport is powered by Verizon Edgecast highly interconnected global network of Super PoPs (points of presence) with huge bandwidth capacity, advanced caching and acceleration strategies based on best-in-class IP Anycast technology.

HTTP/3 aka HTTP-over-QUIC (Quick UDP Internet Connections) improves web application performance by up to 60%. Web pages load faster, and viewers enjoy a better experience with content loading more efficiently.

Edgeport CDN is charged based on traffic delivered through the CDN and the HTTP requests made to the CDN. Usage is calculated and shown in your Billing section at the end of each day.

Traffic Pricing

Per GB
1GB to 10TB
10TB to 50TB
50TB to 100TB
100TB to 300TB
300TB to 460TB
460TB to

Request Pricing

Per 10,000 Requests


Litespeed is a high-performing web server for serving PHP. Litespeed is up to 6x faster than Apache and consumes less compute and memory resources.

Domain Limit
Max Cloudlets
Price Per License/Hour
Upto 2GB
Site Owner
2GB to 8GB
Site Owner Plus
8GB and above
Webhost Lite
2GB to 8GB
Webhost Essential
8GB and above
Webhost Professional
8GB and above
Webhost Enterprise
8GB and above
Webhost Elite
8GB and above
0.01200 cent per 1GB of traffic per hour. The consumption beyond $65 per month is free of charge

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With FullHost.Cloud, you can try before you buy. After registration and a free trial period with access to valuable analytics such as Disk Space usage, RAM consumption, CPU utilization levels and Network Bandwidth availability - estimating prices while creating the right infrastructure has never been easier or more accurate.

Gain control over expenditure costs backed by real-time data on resource metric consumptions. Start scaling with confidence today.

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Many app developers face a challenge when it comes to deploying their app: finding an affordable, scalable environment. Without the right infrastructure in place, their apps won't be able to meet their growth goals. Too much server space and they'll end up paying for resources they don't need; not enough, and there will be resource shortages.

This is where FullHost.Clolud comes in. We take the guesswork out of scaling with our pay-as-you-use model: you only pay for the resources you use and have your environment up and running in seconds. Our auto-scaling feature means no guesswork in server size or worrying about resource scaling limits—plus, you'll pay less because there are no surprise bills! With FullHost.Cloud, developers can rest assured that their environment will be able to accommodate whatever growth goals they may have.

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