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Don’t get bogged down by managing your WordPress. With Managed Wordpress Hosting, you can rest easy knowing your Wordpress applications are supported by our world-class team at all times.

Spend your resources on what you do best and let us handle the rest.

Starting at C$12.90/month

Optimized for Wordpress

Get the fastest performance with a fully optimized website

Airtight Security

Stay protected from cyber-attacks and spam

24/7 Support

Our team will fight to solve any problem for your applications.

Seamless WordPress Hosting Simplified

Streamline your web experience with our user-friendly WordPress platform. It's hosting, simplified: swift setups, easy management, and a dashboard that brings clarity to your fingertips. Perfect for creators seeking efficiency and ease

Reliable WordPress Hosting
With Above and Beyond Support

Elevate your WordPress experience and reduce your workload with every WordPress Hosting plan you choose.
50% off the first 3 months 6.45 C$/Mo
12.90 C$ SAVE 50%

Host your Wordpress applications on Canadian soil.

  • 1 WordPress install
  • 10GB SSD Storage
  • 500GB Transfer
  • Low CPU/RAM
  • Unlimited Visitors
  • Priority Support
50% off the first 3 months 9.95 C$/Mo
19.90 C$ SAVE 50%

Take more management off your plate.

  • 3 WordPress installs
  • 25GB SSD Storage
  • 1000GB Transfer
  • Medium CPU/RAM
  • Unlimited Visitors
  • Priority Support
50% off the first 3 months 19.95 C$/Mo
39.90 C$ SAVE 50%

Hands-off Wordpress Management.

  • 5 WordPress installs
  • 50GB SSD Storage
  • 2000GB Transfer
  • Unlimited Visitors
  • Priority Support
50% off the first 3 months 39.95 C$/Mo
79.90 C$ SAVE 50%

Expand Without Limits

  • 10 WordPress installs
  • 75GB SSD Storage
  • 3000GB Transfer
  • Unlimited Visitors
  • Priority Support
50% off the first 3 months 59.95 C$/Mo
119.90 C$ SAVE 50%

Maximum scalability for WordPress.

  • 15 WordPress installs
  • 100GB SSD Storage
  • 4000GB Transfer
  • Ultra HIGH CPU/RAM
  • Unlimited Visitors
  • Priority Support
Free .CA Domain First Year Free
Free .CA Domain Always Free
Basic, Full Start Free .CA Domain First Year Free
Premium, Pro Start, Pro Extra Free .CA Domain Always Free

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Supporting Cleaner,
Greener Technology

100% Powered by Clean & Renewable Energy

We understand the responsibility that comes with being a leader in the hosting industry which is why we strive to minimize our environmental impact through the use of renewable energy. Our commitment to green technology ensures that all of your data and websites are supported without any additional strain on the environment.

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FullHost money back gurantee

Try Top-Notch Hosting and Management at No Risk - 100% Money Back Guarantee

Get a taste of what high-quality hosting and management is like at no risk to your wallet. Try hosting with our blazing network for 30 days for any bandwidth needs.

What You Get With
Managed Wordpress Account

Experience all the benefits of Wordpress, the hands-free way.


Big or small, you can adjust your plan to your needs.

Staging Sites

Perfect your new website before launching.

Smart Update Tool

Always keep your Wordpress applications up to date.

Easy-to-use Dashboard

No degree in rocket science needed to manage your applications.


Never lose website data again.

WooCommerce Optimized

Easily launch online stores with one of the top ecommerce tools.

Website Monitoring Let Our Eyes Watch Your Website

If you're a team of one or a team of many, you may not have the eyes to watch your site 24/7/365. We do. We will get alerted if your site is down, and if we can fix it, we will. If we can't, we will let you know. Others will just monitor the server. That's the FullHost difference.

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Website Developers Let Us Handle Your Clients

Not all developers want to manage and host on an ongoing basis for their clients. With our fully managed Wordpress solutions, we'll provide hosting and management you'll be proud to give your clients.

  • PHP 5.6 - PHP 8.X
  • MariaDB / MySQL
  • NodeJS (Multiple Versions)
  • Ruby (Multiple Versions)
  • Python (Multiple Versions)
  • SSH Access
  • WP-CLI
  • GIT
How many WordPress sites can I host per account?

Each of the plans listed above indicated the number of WordPress installs that are supported with each plan, going from 1 install to 15. If you need more than 15 installs, you can purchase a second plan.

How can I get Additional WP Installs?

As we support plan upgrades, should you wish or need to support more installs you can simply upgrade to a higher plan that supports additional installs.

Is there really no Visitor Limits?

Yes! We don’t restrict you to the number of visitors to your sites so you’ll be able to breathe easy knowing that no matter how many visitors your sites will get, that you won’t have hidden fees or restrictions that prevent that.

Does Email Hosting come with the WordPress Hosting plans?

Our Managed WordPress Hosting does not include hosting of emails for your website. Depending on your overall needs, you can look at any of our Email Hosting plans found under Email and Office on the top navigation bar or even possibly our Elastic Web Hosting depending on your use case. Our Sales team will be happy to assist you with picking the right solution for you.

What Capacity (CPU/RAM) do I need?

With WordPress, there is not a one sized fits all approach to how much resources each install may require. As a general rule of thumb, that if the install is well optimized, that an informational only and lower traffic site can be supported on the Low CPU/RAM and that higher traffic informational only sites can be supported on the Medium CPU/RAM, whereas WooCommerce and very high traffic informational sites can be supported on the High CPU/RAM and up. An additional point to consider is that each of the installs you can have on each of the plans will draw on these CPU/RAM resources, so it some cases that it may be suggested to isolate some sites that have more specific CPU/RAM needs to their own account, even when they technically can support more installs on it.

What is Priority Support?

If you are on a plan with priority support, that should you and someone else without priority support open a support ticket, with equal needs, that your support ticket will jump up the queue and be reviewed and answered first.

Can I upgrade or downgrade to another plan if I need to?

Always. Our team is always available to help you scale up or down depending on your needs. You are never locked in a given plan. Downgrading may require a support ticket to Sales to ensure that the downgrade can be done and initiated by our end.

How long does it take to activate my order?

We offer payment by major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and AMEX) as well as PayPal in CAD and USD. Please note that AMEX credit cards can only be processed in CAD.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes! You can try our Wordpress Hosting for 30 days, and we guarantee you’ll love it. If you don’t, no biggie - you can cancel at no risk to you. Just reach out to Billing to request the 30 day money back guarantee.

What payment options do you offer?

We offer payment by major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and AMEX) as well as PayPal in CAD and USD. Please note that AMEX credit cards can only be processed in CAD.

How long does it take to activate my order?

Once your order is paid, your order will be placed in our queue for a quick review by our risk team, and once reviewed your services will be activated. Typically orders are activated within 24 hours, or one business day if no migration is required.

How can I request a migration of my WordPress installation to FullHost?

In the order notes section, if you have been having a presales conversation with us, please put in the ticket number from that conversation for our team to review. If you haven’t got one, simply indicate migration required, and when we review your order, we will then contact you to arrange the necessary details to complete the migration.

Where are your data centers located?

FullHost data centers are located on Canadian soil, in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, and Montreal so that you can provide fast access to your applications worldwide.

Our Team is Your Team

Our priority is to make sure every client is 100% satisfied, even if that means digging deeper for the solutions you need.

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Rob Wilson - President iContext

Learn why iContext exclusively recommends FullHost for hosting that avoids the common pitfalls of large U.S. providers.

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Full Host did an amazing job of migrating my site seamlessly onto their server. My only regret was not switching my site over to them sooner. Now it is performing great, images are uploading way faster than ever before.

" Vancouver Sofa and Patio - Jerry Schmidt

Two thumbs up for Fullhost! Agents reply to me fairly quickly or at least let me know they received the ticket and are looking into it. Kudos to the support team as they have always given me exactly what I need without delays.

" Universal Staffing Inc. - Anthony Calvano

FullHost is an absolute pleasure to work with, and their customer service is exceptional. Whenever I have questions or need adjustments, they are there to help, quickly, efficiently, with answers and insights.

" Mooseworld Inc. Norine Leibel

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