SSL Certificates

Establish trust with your audience. An SSL is the standard used on the web to encrypt data that is being communicated between your end users and your website.


Get the SSL certificate that is right for you.

Get the validation type you need and secure any sensitive data.

A SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate is a must have for any website, whether it be an internal site or intranet, a web server or email server, or an e-commerce site that is processing online transactions.


Simply put, a SSL Certificate gives you the security you need to ensure that information on your customers or users is secure and safe, whether it is their personal information, their billing details, or any other sensitive information you have.


Much has changed over the years with how SSLs are managed and the benefits they bring. In years past, it was always recommended to install an SSL for any site, but it was critically important if you collect and stored personal information and processed e-commerce transactions.


Today, even if your site is solely informational driven, search engines reward you for having an SSL in place. So even when not needing to protect personal data, not having an SSL in place will drop you in the search engine rankings and drop traffic coming to your site.


With the advent of the free Let’s Encrypt certificates, that offer the same level of encryption as any paid certificates and does the exact same job. We encourage our clients to use this over any certificate unless certain edge use cases determine the need for one. Let’s Encrypt is fully supported across almost our entire product line.


There are many types of certificates that are offered, with different validation types such as domain validated, organization validated, and extended validation. Where the latter two have more vetting down by the Certificate Authority (CA) that issues them, these benefits are not as pronounced today as the browser your site visitors are connecting from are not seeing these checks like they used to.


If you have a use case that requires another type of certificate that isn't displayed here, get in touch with us.

SSL Certificates Pricing

Get the SSL best suited for your needs.

Let's Encrypt

Domain Validated (Single Domain & Wildcard)

Let's Encrypt is a free, automated, and open certificate authority brought to you by the nonprofit Internet Security Research Group (ISRG).

Supported across almost all of our plans, and in most cases is already waiting for you to connect your site by https.

20 C$/Year

Domain Validated (Single Domain)

A trusted name in the world of SSLs, RapidSSL offers a speedy and uncomplicated process to secure one domain or subdomain.

A simple certificate for when what you need to secure are simple and uncomplicated.

RapidSSL Wildcard
150 C$/Year

Domain Validated (Wildcard)

Where you have multiple subdomains that you need to secure, a Wildcard SSL is exactly what you need.

A Wildcard SSL Certificate allows you to secure as many subdomains of one domain as you need, without the need to purchase multiple certificates.

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Do you offer a money back guarantee with SSLs?

Once an SSL order has been activated by us the CA (Certificate Authority) will not provide refunds for the purchased SSL and thus we will be unable to issue a refund to you.

Do you offer other SSL certifcates such as OV or EV?

Both Organization Validated (OV) and Extended Validated (EV) certificates were vetted by the Certificate Authority (CA) to validate your organization. Since most major browsers have now depreciated the benefits of this certificates, like the green bar, the benefits that use to come with them are no longer available.

We can still offer them if use cases require them, and you can contact sales to discuss those options if they are needed.

How long do I have to claim my SSL after it's activated?

You have 30 days from the date of activation to claim the SSL for your domain.

After this time, the SSL will be cancelled and will not be refunded by the CA (Certificate Authority) issuer.

Can I change the domain secured by the SSL?

Once a SSL has been issued for a domain, you cannot change it in future and you would need to purchase a new one for the new domain.

Can I switch to a Wildcard SSL from a single domain SSL?

If you want to secure unlimited subdomains of the same domain name, you will need to purchase a Wildcard SSL from the initial order.

You cannot switch a SSL between a single domain validated SSL, to a wildcard SSL without purchasing the new certificate.

Is there any reason to not go with a Let's Encrypt SSL?

A SSL encrypts traffic, and a Let's Encrypt certificate and a paid SSL offer the same level of encryption.

There are certain use cases where a paid SSL may be required, but generally for most standard use cases they offer the same level of encryption to you and those visiting your site.

Did you know

Let's Encrypt certificates automate the renewal process and do not require you to reinstall a new certificate each year, simplifying the management of your SSL.

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