Infrastructure - FullHost ®


You trust us in giving you an awesome web hosting experience, and we take that responsibility seriously. Here’s how we invest in the technology that powers everything.


We take pride in ensuring that we find the best hardware, networks, and data centers to deliver our solutions from. And cutting costs to save a few bucks that will ultimately sacrifice the quality our clients depend upon is not how we do things.

You need to have trust that someone’s got your back, and that you will have fast and reliable access to your website, email, and data. And you need that reliability around the clock.

At FullHost, we have found and work with the best data centers and network to provide the hosting experience we want you to have, all of it based in Canada. From our offices in Victoria through to our two data center locations in Vancouver and Toronto, and the network that connects them to all points in Canada and beyond, you will have what you need to reach out to your customers or audience whether they are in the blink of an eye.

Technology continues to evolve and change and our client’s needs will continue to evolve with them. We are constantly looking to enhance our products and services and find innovative solutions to deliver a best in class hosting solutions to the Canadian market.

We love what we do, and we do this because we love giving our clients the best we can in web hosting in Canada.