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MailWire isn’t just an email solution, it’s your complete solution to your email, calendar, and collaboration for your business.

With a straightforward and simple webmail platform, this is just the launching point for what you get. MailWire works with your current email client so you can continue to use the suite of products you know well. And no matter how many devices you use to keep up with your emails, they’ll all stay in sync with each other.

Your emails might be in the cloud, but those clouds are firmly on Canadian soil to meet all local requirements for being hosted in Canada. And never fear, we deploy all security protocols to keep that information safe from any prying eyes.

With an easy to use and intuitive interface, you can set up and manage accounts easily, leaving the heavy lifting to us.

All prices and plan features are per email account (inbox). Prices are in Canadian Dollars (CAD). USD pricing also available when checking out.

MailWire Email Hosting Plans

Prices are monthly, no contract. Up to 10% off for 1 year contracts

Email Features
Outlook Connector
Public Folders

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questions about our packages


$3.50/ month CAD
Storage 10 GB
Email Features Basic
Outlook ConnectorN/A
Public FoldersN/A


$5/ month CAD
Storage 25 GB
Email Features Advanced
Outlook Connector Included
Public FoldersIncluded


$10/ month CAD
Storage 50 GB
Email Features Advanced
Outlook ConnectorIncluded
Public FoldersIncluded


Basic and Advanced Email Features

Difference between Basic or Advanced features

Our plans are broken down between two distinctive feature sets, one with Basic webmail/email functionality and a much more comprehensive Advanced feature set.

For plans that are marked with Basic Email Features, you have access to a simple webmail client, allowing you to check and respond to emails anywhere you are.

You can also plug in your email accounts to your current email client like Outlook and Thunderbird and use your tasks, calendars, and all the other functionality that comes with that. You can as well plug in your emails to your phone so you’ve got access to your emails on your mobile device.

Our Advanced Email functionality has even more flexibility to access your calendar, tasks, etc on webmail, as well as the ability to have more seamless communication between all your devices.

With the Outlook Connector, you can easily assign tasks, schedule meetings in your calendar, and have access to your corporate address book too. Additionally, with ActiveSync, your mobile devices will as well keep in sync with all of the above.

Basic webmail is well suited for those that have more modest needs to stay inter-connected with each email account, whereas Advanced webmail is geared towards those that need more seamless interactions.

Outlook Connector

What does the Outlook Connector do?

The Outlook Connector will fully integrate the features in Outlook with our product. Once you download the connector, and after a few quick steps to set it up, you’ll be able to really collaborate with your colleagues.

With an integrated Address Book, you’ll be able to search and find your contacts with the Global Address List, assign tasks, schedule meetings as well as a more robust search functionality.

For those that love the features Outlook offers, this is a must have. It’s free to use and available for download in our Client Area, but only available on plans that have Advanced Email Features.


What does the ActiveSync do?

ActiveSync is a must have for those that need their mobile devices to stay connected and synchronized with the other devices.

With ActiveSync, emails, calendar entries, tasks, and contacts will easily and seamlessly be constantly kept up to date on your mobile device, which is perfect for those that are always on the go.

As an addon, you can select how many email accounts need ActiveSync, so you can purchase and configure ActiveSync only for the email accounts that require it.

Public Mailbox/Group Folders

What is a Public Folder?

A Public Folder is a shared email folder that you can delegate access to. This folder will sit as a folder inside your inbox, but also can send and receive emails to it.

To add or remove users from this public folder, you will need to log in through the postmaster webmail account to set up those permissions.

The postmaster email account is automatically created and configured when your account is set up and does not count towards the number of email accounts purchased.

What is a Group?

Groups are a distribution list. You can choose who is in this Group and will receive emails from it, who can email this Group, and whether Group Members can also send emails from this Group.

Additional Features

Domain Aliases

A domain alias is a way to redirect emails from one domain to another. So, say your domain is but you also have You want to direct all emails from to email accounts on Input here. Then all emails for will be delivered to A valid receiving email address needs to exist for domain alias to work.

Spam Control

The Spam Control through the product in our Client Area allows you to ensure that emails from a domain or email address are always delivered and marked safe (Sender Whitelist) or are spam and should be blocked (Sender Blacklist).

Email Archiving

What is Email Archiving

Email archiving is an automated process for preserving and protecting all inbound and outbound email messages (as well as attachments and metadata) so they can be accessed at a later date should the need arise. Whether this is for regulatory compliance (such as PIPEDA or the PIPED Act), eDiscovery reasons in case of litigation/internal investigations, or other records management policies, this can be enabled on plans that indicate it on our site. To enable this feature, contact support.


Can I upgrade or downgrade to another plan if I need to?

Absolutely! You can add or remove email accounts and ActiveSync as needed. It is simple and straightforward to do and can be executed in our client area. If you'd like to upgrade or downgrade between plans, please contact our client support for assistance.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Of course we do. We stand on the quality we provide, and if you are not completely happy or satisfied in any way, we offer a FULL money back guarantee within the first 30 days, no questions asked. Well, we might be curious and ask for some feedback, but that is simply to know if there is anything we can do better.

What payment options do you offer?

We offer payment by major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and AMEX) as well as PayPal in CAD, USD, and EUR. Please note that AMEX credit cards can only be processed in CAD.

How long does it take to activate my order?

Once your order is paid, your order will be placed in our queue for a quick review by our risk team, and once reviewed your services will be activated. Typically if an order is placed during business hours, it will be activated within an hour.

Where are your data centers located?

All of our services are offered from our data centers located in Toronto, Ontario and Vancouver, BC.


Time is precious for people on the go and Mailwire will make your life simple. No matter how many devices you are plugged in to they will all stay in snyc with each other.

There is no need to switch from your current email client, you can plug MailWire in to many of the most popular solutions out there for PC/Mac, iOS, Android™, Blackberry, or Windows device.

Firewall/Spam Protection

With the most complete set of tools to protect against spam, viruses, phishing, and malware, our inbound and outbound email filtering will bring safety and sanity back to your inbox.

Not only will your inbox be free of most of those unwanted messages, IP deliverability is important to ensure your emails will reach their destination. Our sending IPs have an excellent reputation ensuring your recipients will get your emails.


When you are working together on a project or simply need to keep other people informed has never been easier. You can share certain email folders in your inbox with others so they can see everything you can.

Or you can set up a public folder, which will allow you and anyone you delegate to send and receive emails from that inbox. Everyone is always up to date.


Syncing will not only keep your emails in sync across all devices, but also your calendar and tasks too. With the even more integrated Outlook Connector, you’ll have access to Global Address Lists and all the tools you are used to using in Outlook easily and effectively.

Whether you are on the go, at your desk, or logging on to webmail, you’ll be able to assign tasks out, schedule meetings with your colleagues and those outside your company, and much more.

Hosted in Canada

Look no further if hosting your emails on Canadian soil is what you need. Whether you want completely Canadian based email hosting for regulatory reasons or your own peace of mind, we’ve got that covered.


Whether you’re concerned about someone scanning your emails to market you products, or other forms of data mining, that’s not our business.

Your emails and documents are for your eyes only and not for us to monetize.