Service Level Agreement – SLA

Pretecs Networks Inc. DBA FullHost


This service level agreement (“SLA”) sets forth the services provided by Pretecs Networks Inc. dba FullHost (“FullHost”) and the responsibilities they maintain for support and services towards their products and the Client

Together with the Terms of Services (URL) Acceptable Use Policy (URL) and Privacy Policy (URL) set out all roles and responsibilities we take with your relationship with FullHost.

1. Term

The SLA is an ongoing agreement with the Client. The SLA will be reviewed and updated on a periodic basis. Changes to this agreement will be governed in the same manner as to those outlined is the Terms of Service.

  • If the definitions or provisions of the SLA conflict with the Terms of Service, the Terms of Services conditions will apply.
  • If any specific terms in the SLA conflict with the Terms of Service, the specific terms in the SLA will apply.
  • If any specific services that are outlined in an Order, on the website, or as agreed to between FullHost and the Client, those specific terms will apply.

2. Service Description

FullHost provides website, server hosting and management, and email and collaboration services as well as ancillary services in delivery of these services to the Client. FullHost will provide timely support in delivery of these services to assist the Client with their initial setup and ongoing support needs.

3. Account Setup

FullHost will do a risk review on all orders prior to activation. There are instances where we may need to follow up with your order for clarification or to verify information provided.

You will be contacted via email at the email address supplied when your order has been activated and next steps, or whether we have some further questions before we can activate your order. Most orders are activated same day unless maintenance is being performed.

FullHost does retain the right to decline any order if in their reasonable commercial opinion are not satisfied with the information supplied.

4. Services

The service FullHost provides are categorized as the following:

  • Shared Hosting Services. These are services that the product purchased is placed on a server with other Clients. Elastic Hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting, Reseller Hosting, and Email Hosting “MailWire” would be collectively defined as Shared Hosting Services.
  • Server Hosting – Self Managed. These are services that the Client is provided with a cloud or dedicated bare metal server as indicated on the order. The Client will receive limited support in the setup and management of the server.
  • Server Hosting – Managed. These are services that the Client is provided with a managed cloud or dedicated bare metal server as indicated on the order. The Client will receive full server management in the setup and management of the server.

5. Service Availability

Unless otherwise noted, FullHost guarantees 99.9% service availability per calendar month for all services.

Service is considered available if the following conditions are met:

  • Data Centre – Power, cooling and humidity levels are monitored. If monitoring is not detecting any abnormalities to these, the data centre service is considered available.
  • Network – The network infrastructure is measured by the performance of a ping test. For those Clients using FullHost’s DNS, monitoring is conducted in the same manner. If the physical servers are responding to a ping test to an external monitoring node then this service is considered available.
  • Server – Each physical server and the components to those servers are monitored internally to detect any abnormalities. If our internal management software that is additionally verified by external monitoring is not detecting any service failure, the server is considered available.

If any of the conditions above is not met, and is not considered a scheduled maintenance or force majure event, any downtime is considered towards the 99.90% service guarantee.

If in the calendar month the service is unavailable for greater than 99.90%, a credit for 10x the time exceeding the .10% downtime allowance will be applied. The Client would contact Billing to have an account credit applied within seven days of the end of the calendar month.

The calculation to determine service availability is as follows:

(Minutes in Calendar Month minus Minutes in Calendar Month of Service Unavailability) / Minutes in Calendar Month

6. System Monitoring and Maintenance

If there are any service impacting issues, FullHost is continuously monitoring servers 24/7 and will act immediately to identify, troubleshoot, and bring up Services as soon as possible. Server monitoring is performed in conjunction with external monitoring services.

There will be ongoing maintenance that will need to be performed and will schedule this maintenance during late evenings and weekends. If there is emergency maintenance, the maintenance will be performed as soon as necessary. Scheduled maintenance will be planned with at minimum seven days’ notice.

Updates to the Client will be done through the status page at for service impacting issues, emergency maintenance, and scheduled maintenance. An email to the primary contact on the account will normally be sent for scheduled maintenance.

All reasonable efforts will be done to provide updates to Clients depending on the severity of the issue, including posting of regular updates on social media.

7. Support

FullHost provides Technical Support to the Client in relation to the services provided at no additional charge. Support is provided 24/7/365.

A support ticket can be opened through our Client Area at When a ticket is opened you will receive an email confirming that the ticket has been opened.

Responses to tickets will be emailed to the Client. They will be able to respond to the ticket by replying to the email, or by replying to the ticket direct in the Client Area.

FullHost categorizes requests for support based on the following with an example of what we define as those priorities. The examples are not exhaustive and for illustration purposes only.

  • High. (30 minute response time) The Client’s website has stopped working and the Client or others are unable to access your website.
  • Medium. (2-4 hours response time) The Client is needing assistance with the account, in either making changes or updates but the Client is not experiencing any issues with accessing your website, email account.
  • Low. (8 hour response time) A general question that is not system critical.

All support requests may not be able to be resolved in the above-mentioned timelines, and may require additional information, troubleshooting and research to fully resolve the situation.

8. Scope of Support

All services have support for the following:

  • Network Issues – FullHost will provide support to investigate any issues in network performance, and connectivity to services.
  • Hardware Issues – As part of FullHost’s monitoring as well as regular visual inspection will ensure that components to the servers and related connected components within the data centre are performing optimally, keep on hand and replace any components in a timely fashion to minimize any potential downtime due to failure of equipment.

For all services, except those classified under Server Hosting – Self Managed, the following support is provided:

Server Management – Any Shared Hosting and Server Hosting – Managed have full server management. Along with full server provisioning being completed, updates to the server are proactively managed with any patches are made available. System software is managed, installed, and updated as well. The Client will also receive support, troubleshooting, and assistance with their Server or their Account.

9. Best Effort Support

While FullHost is responsible for managing the Server, any applications that are on a Server or an Account are the client’s responsibility for installing, managing, maintaining and updating.

If a Client is experiencing difficulties and Server Management is supported, FullHost may be able to provide assistance, or guidance. They will investigate to ensure that the issue is not anything related to compatibility of the application with the server. Depending on the service that the Client has, some applications may not be supported or possible to be supported on the plan purchased and alternative plans may be suggested.

If a request is made to provide support for third party software, or applications that goes beyond the role of server management, this would be considered Best Effort Support. FullHost will advise and provide no warranty to the compatibility to the software operating optimally, or at all, and that any application support will not be warrantied to remedy or correct the issue at hand. The Client will assume any risks associated with any support that is provided under Best Effort.

10. Out of Scope Support

Support that is defined as “outside of scope” of this SLA can be charge additional fees. If there will be fees for the Client’s request, they will be advised prior to the support commencing and will wait for your confirmation before starting.

The hourly billing rate will be billed for the first hour and each quarter hour subsequent to the first hour.

11. Client Responsibility

The Client is responsible for managing the content on their Service and ensuring that it complies with all agreements mentioned at the beginning of the SLA.

Additionally, the Client will ensure that all applications are managed and updated when updates are made available. All passwords for the account, service, applications, email accounts, etc will be kept securely and complex enough to not be easily compromised and regular updates are made to these passwords as per best security protocols.

If an account was to become compromised the Client will diligently work to ensure that the account is properly secured again.

The Client will as well ensure that FullHost has proper records of any passwords necessary to conduct their work, failure to provide such passwords to them can result in them being unable to complete their tasks.

The Client as well will maintain proper contact records for their account, so that FullHost is aware of whom is able to be contacting them for support. Only clients listed on the Client Account will be provided with support.

Backups of their critical data and strongly encouraged to be performed at regular intervals.

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