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Email Security

Get double the defense for your inbox with both inbound and outbound email filtering. Our Spam and Anti-Virus Filtering for Email is designed to give you the most complete protection against spam, viruses, and phishing and malware attacks.

Incoming Filter

Spam and Anti-Virus Filtering for Email is processed on an external server cluster before spam ever hits your inbox. All incoming messages are run through a whopping 50 filtering mechanisms to keep your inbox clean, clutter free, and protected from all potential threats.

By processing thousands of emails a day, our spam intelligence is unrivaled. With each new email that is analyzed, our filters get smarter and recognize patterns faster, giving them the ability to identify new threats on the spot. All of this information is then shared with our customers in real-time, giving them immediate protection against new virus and malware outbreaks.

Because SAFE adds an additional protective layer of filtering, your email delivery process also benefits from greater continuity and redundancy. You’ll significantly reduce your hardware resources with our first-level defense filter that runs in front of your mail infrastructure, allowing us to instantly queue incoming mail when the destination mail server is unavailable.

Fullhost Incoming Filter

Our filtering systems can be used right out of the box and give you total control over your email flow with advanced reporting, control functionality, and other cool features. You’ll save countless hours of time that would previously be spent dealing with spam, and your users will have more time to concentrate on important business tasks.

The default configurations are set to give you optimal protection at all times, though you can change them at any time. The incoming mail filters are also easy to manage, giving you access to different permission levels, white- and blacklisting tools and more.