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A SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate is a must have for any website, whether it be an internal site or intranet, a web server or email server, or an e-commerce site that is processing online transactions. If you are just starting your website or building an online presence, you may think that you only need a SSL Certificate if you are processing online transactions. SSL is the standard used on the web to encrypt data that is being communicated between your end users and your website. Simply put, a SSL Certificate gives you the security you need to ensure that information on your customers or users is secure and safe, whether it is their personal information, their billing details, or any other sensitive information you have.

By having a SSL Certificate in place, anyone that visits your site knows immediately that they are dealing with a reliable organization which creates more credibility for you in their eyes. When they see the gold padlock in their browser in conjunction with https (as opposed to an unencrypted site with http), there is an immediate trust built and will provide peace of mind to your users, which in turn means online sales are likely to increase.