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Managing your Drupal CMS is easy when you only have to manage one or two sites. However, as the number of sites grows, so does the complexity to perform the simplest tasks on each of them. With this in mind, FullHost offers in its Elastic Hosting and Managed Cloud hosting a convenient solution, Drush, a command-line tool made to manage your Drupal sites.
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About Drush

The ultimate solution to manage Drupal sites

What is Drush?

Drush (DRUpal SHell) is a command-line tool that allows you to interact with your Drupal CMS and gives you the same functionality as if you were using the UI in the browser. Moreover, Drush can be easily extended using 3rd party command files.

Drush in Action

Drush is designed to make life easier for administrators. Without having to enter the Drupal dashboard, you can perform all kinds of administrative tasks. From detecting errors and correcting them to backing up or restoring the database, Drush is the perfect solution for managing many Drupal sites with ease.

Why Use Drush?

Drush is the most convenient way to manage Drupal sites. Here are some of its many benefits.

  • Fast. Drupal’s web interface is fast; however, Drush is notably faster as it does not require you to log in to each website separately. With Drush, you can execute batch operations from the command line efficiently.
  • Script-friendly. If you can write scripts, then you will love Drush. Since Drush has the same functionality as the Drupal administrative interface, you can conveniently automate any type of task.
  • Powerful. Drush allows you to manage users, manage the database, update Drupal, install new Drupal sites from scratch, and much more. There is no limit to what you can do with Drush, which makes it easy to handle complex workflows involving Drupal.

Drush Hosting For Developers

Developers love command-line tools for a good reason. They allow them to do all kinds of tasks conveniently, fast, and in many cases, automated way. Drush is no different; it is a CLI that allows you to centrally manage your Drupal sites with very little effort. For this reason, at FullHost, we offer Drush in our Elastic Hosting and Managed Cloud plans by default.

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Take your email hosting to the next level. FullHost email hosting will provide your team with video conferencing, team chat, secure file storage, full native Outlook integration, and more - while remaining completely hosted on Canadian soil.

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Run a Wordpress website, the hands-off way. Stay focused on creating content for your Wordpress site and let us keep your applications secure and always up to date.

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Host your applications on your own dedicated, cloud-based servers with resources allocated only to you - with no one else to slow you down. Self-managed cloud servers are compatible with almost any application and can support a variety of OS.

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All the support of Elastic Hosting with all the power of your own dedicated server. With this advanced plan, we can create virtually any custom solution you need.

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  • Developers requiring advanced and sophisticated customized solutions not supported on other hosting environments
  • Medium to large corporations needing a dedicated 24/7/365 support team
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