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Free whois privacy on domains

We are very pleased to announce that effective immediately, you can now protect your information when you register a domain and get ID Protection for free! What is whois privacy When registering a domain, the information contained for the registrant

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Five Reasons to Optimize Your Website for Mobile Phones

Before mobile browsing became what it is today, it was nothing more than a joke. At a time when Nokia and Symbian OS ruled the mobile market, the cell phones that were available had large keypads, clunky graphics, and tiny

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What Does %20 Mean in a Web Address?

Every Web page on the Internet has a uniform resource locator, or URL, such as ““. A URL cannot contain a space, which presents a problem if an HTML file is named “products and services.html.” Spaces and other characters that

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Shellshock – The Bash Bug Vulnerability. What You Need to Know.

Before getting in to the technical stuff, the past couple days we have been busy behind the scenes securing all the servers we manage, so if you are a client that has Shared Hosting, Enterprise Hosting, Reseller Hosting, or any

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Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing means software solutions and applications stored on the Internet. This service is popular among small businesses, which will spend an estimated $100 billion on it by 2014. This article summarizes the many benefits of cloud computing.  Flexibility Cloud-based

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