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cPanel License Model Change

On June 27th we, as well as every cPanel partner, received communication of an upcoming change to their software licensing agreement.

We are still very early in our analysis and impact of this change but do want to keep you informed of what is happening and be as fully transparent with you on this.

What is cPanel

cPanel, along with the companion program WHM, is an industry leading control panel that is used by many companies to create and manage end user accounts (collectively known as cPanel). This control panel is what is used to log in to mange your website files, email accounts, and various other activities relating to these.

This control panel is also used in the deployment of a number of value-added services that we use today to provide you with speed and security in mind. Some of these programs include LiteSpeed, LSCache, CloudLinux, and Imunify360.

What is Changing

cPanel currently offers two pricing models, one for bare metal (single-tenant) servers and one for virtual (multi-tenant) servers. The charge was a flat charge for each no matter the total number of end user accounts that would be created.

The new pricing model now eliminates these two pricing models and will be tier based. These tiers will be based on how many cPanel accounts that can be created. Depending on the number of end user accounts that are created, the licensing cost will vary with those tiers.

These changes do not grandfather existing licenses and all licenses issued (current and new) will now fall within this new model.

How will this Impact Me?

At this change was recently announced to us, we are currently reviewing this new model and the potential impact that this has on us and you.

Some of the products offered will not be impacted in any manner, such as Windows Servers, Managed WordPress Hosting, and Email Hosting.

Other plans that do use cPanel, such as our Web Hosting Plans (both Shared Hosting and Enterprise Hosting) as well as our Reseller Hosting plans may not be impacted by these changes.

The following products that are currently being reviewed with this change:

Managed Virtual Servers

Managed Dedicated/Bare Metal Servers

cPanel licenses purchased through FullHost and used in conjunction with our Developer Virtual Servers

Please note that while these are under review, this does not indicate that your pricing or plan will be changing. Further communication will be coming on any potential impacts this may have on you.

We thank you for your patience and understanding as we work through these changes and welcome any questions from you. Please open a ticket to Quality Assurance with cPanel Changes in the subject line.

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