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cPanel License Changes

Earlier this summer we were advised, along with all cPanel partners, of an upcoming change in their license structure. We shared what information in an earlier post.

The license structure change to a per account/tier-based model is substantially different than their old license model which has been discontinued and all existing licenses are now being converted to this.

We’d like to share next steps with you.

New Licenses/Pricing

For all new orders, for our Virtual Servers, both Managed and Developer servers, will now have the option to select the number of end user cPanel accounts that they are planning or needing.

While you will be capped at creating the number of accounts that your license will support, you will be able to upgrade that license to the next tier.

There will be additional tiers above 100 end user accounts available to our clients to purchase, in slabs of 50.

Our Managed Virtual Servers have always included a cPanel license by default. Our new model will include the cPanel Solo license by default, and allow you to add additional accounts per tier as required at a substantially discounted price over our regular retail price.

Dedicated/bare metal servers pricing are quote based, and thus licensing for such servers will additionally be included in quotes based on available tiers for them.











Existing License/Pricing

As all existing licenses have been automatically converted to these new scalable licenses, clients on the listed hosting products below have or will be receiving communication to align their license with the above tiers.

Depending on the number of end user accounts used, there may be no or marginal increases per the cost structure above.

The products/services that will be receiving communication are:

  • Managed Virtual Servers
  • Managed Dedicated/Bare Metal Servers
  • cPanel licenses purchased through FullHost and used in conjunction with our Developer Virtual Servers

The following products may be reviewed in the future but are not currently being reviewed.

  • Reseller Hosting

Any hosting product not mentioned above will be included in regular product reviews and is not included in the cPanel pricing review.

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