Revolutionary technology is here! The FullHostCloud is an innovative approach to development and hosting, offering an array of capabilities to help take your business further It provides a simple, all-in-one platform for managing the intricacies …

Revolutionary technology is here! The FullHost.Cloud is an innovative approach to development and hosting, offering an array of capabilities to help take your business further. It provides a simple, all-in-one platform for managing the intricacies of app development, building, and hosting. Give yourself access to all kinds of expert assistance from pay-as-you-use resource management, outsourcing your data needs, and enterprise-grade hosting solutions even for small businesses.

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FullHost.Cloud is now available in our Eastern Canada Region with five additional regions planned for rollout in 2023 (Canada Central, Canada West, US East, and US West) as well as further locations in the future. You can easily and seamlessly live migrate workloads between regions with no downtime as new ones become available.

Benefits of FullHost.Cloud: Hassle-Free Hosting

FullHost.Cloud gives companies and developers the flexibility and cost-effectiveness to grow and scale as you grow. Developers can craft custom environments in mere minutes, regardless of the stack or complexity of their needs. This quickly bundles greater power and unlocks potential when compared to other more rigid environments offered through legacy technology.

The flexibility of our platform is built on the pay-as-you-use pricing model. How does this work? Our platform automatically takes the guesswork out of scaling your app with automatic scaling, so you’ll only pay for what you use, per hour.

Our advanced platform scales both vertically and horizontally, as well as providing redundancy through clustering in one region or across multiple.

The result? You will never have to pay for limits as with a traditional server. Only pay for what you use per hour. With this flexibility, you can manage your resources appropriately, take the guesswork out of resource allocation, and grow as you go.

How it Works

FullHost.Cloud automatically manages your resource allocation so you can focus on running your business. With the help of Reserved and Dynamic Cloudlets, you can easily adjust your cloudlet usage to match what works best for you and your budget. The Reserved Cloudlets provide stable resource allocation while the Dynamic ones offer scalability so your resources are ready when needed – no matter how high or low load spikes get!

In addition to automatic horizontal and vertical scaling, we provide tools and resources for the modern, future-focused developer. With FullHost.Cloud, not only will you have the ability to create and manage auto-scalable Kubernetes clusters but can also deploy Docker containers from both private and public registries – allowing for an easy way of managing applications in multiple environments.

Multi-Regional Clusters

One of the foundations of FullHost.Cloud is the clustered approach technology. This sophisticated approach allows you to spin up highly redundant and auto-scalable environments:

  • Auto-Scalable Clusters: Our auto-scalable clusters help make resource allocation a breeze. Ensure high availability for your website and eliminate any worry about slowdowns or downtime!
  • Multi-Regional Clusters (Coming Soon): WordPress clusters unleash the potential of multi-region deployment and fault tolerance, delivering reliable availability around the globe so you have the peace of mind protecting you against a failure at a single region.
  • Clustered Databases: Create auto-scalable database clusters in minutes, and combined with the multi-regional clusters approach, you can build your own high availability zones and eliminate downtime concerns

WordPress Hosting

One of our core value offerings is our WordPress hosting solutions. We offer enterprise-grade WordPress solutions for companies of all sizes, industries, and stages of growth.

Our platform is optimized for performance, customization, and speed. With FullHost.Cloud, easily spin up WordPress environments in just a few clicks. But it doesn’t stop there. With FullHost.Cloud, you can create WordPress Environments with the auto scalable and multi-regional clusters and additionally includes:

  • Multi-Site Website Management: If you’re running several sites, you no longer need to waste time and resources managing individual sites. Our FullHost.Cloud multisite network allows you to manage multiple sites with ease.

Our WordPress solution offers a DevOps pipeline that is simpler and more intuitive than ever before. Our platform is easy to use with built-in safety features to ensure that you can create secure, user-friendly environments while avoiding downtime or crashes.

To learn more about our unique WordPress capabilities, click here.

The FullHost Difference

FullHost.Cloud is a true, cost-effective alternative to common hyperscalers such as AWS, Azure, and GCP. Our difference is that we are built to serve businesses and applications of all stages and sizes. We understand how important it is to preserve your budgets at the early stages to encourage the long-term success of your business or app.

We offer unparalleled flexibility and customization for your unique project.

Beyond helping you preserve your resources at scale, we give you the tools and abilities you need to successfully grow.

With FullHost.Cloud, you can also deploy popular applications from the marketplace in just a few clicks. We support all of the most common apps such as OpenVPN Access Server, Auto-Scalable Magento Cluster, or Private GitLab Server. Check out the full list of applications we support here.

Finally, with FullHost’s platform, you can spin up Virtual Servers with AlmaLinux, Ubuntu, Debian OS, and Windows Server 2022 in a matter of minutes!

Stop wasting time and money and start smart scaling today with FullHost.Cloud.

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