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Why Merchants Should Become PCI Compliant

Whether you are a large corporation or a small Internet business, you need to receive payment from your clients for your product or service. If you accept credit cards as a method of payment, then it is crucial that you

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Five Server Response Codes Important for SEO

Each web server responds to bots and users with a numerical code. Web users don’t see this numerical code, but search engine bots execute different processes relative to the response code. These response codes are generally unimportant for website visitors,

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Scaling Your Website Resources in the Cloud

One main advantage of the cloud is the ease in scalability. Small businesses can save money on technology resources, and large businesses can scale up as revenue and customers increase. Before you spend too much money on IT resources, you

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Bring Peace of Mind with Inbound Spam Filtering

A little while we told you how our outbound spam filtering can help with your email deliverability, let’s take a few minutes to tell you how our inbound spam filter can work for you. Not only can spam be incredibly

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What Does %20 Mean in a Web Address?

Every Web page on the Internet has a uniform resource locator, or URL, such as ““. A URL cannot contain a space, which presents a problem if an HTML file is named “products and services.html.” Spaces and other characters that

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