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A Guide to Reducing WordPress Comment Spam

Comment spam is the bane of nearly every WordPress webmaster and if you don’t do anything about it, you’ll end up with 100s of spam comments on your website. Even if you do moderate comments, you’ll still receive many spam

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Announcing Managed WordPress Hosting

At FullHost® we are excited to announce the launch of Managed WordPress Hosting, a hosting product that significantly improves the security and performance of your WordPress site. Some of the valuable features of our Managed WordPress Hosting include free SSL

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Free SSL Certificates available at FullHost with Let’s Encrypt

FullHost is pleased to announce we support the free and automated SSL certificates offered through Let’s Encrypt. For all technical questions on Let’s Encrypt and how to get your free certificate, please see our Let’s Encrypt FAQ. Normally no action

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How to Recover from a Hacked Email Account

Dealing with a hacked email account can be a frustrating, embarrassing, and nerve-wracking experience. So much of our online security and interaction relies on a safe and secure email address, which means that responding to any potential hacking threat should

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How to Migrate Your Web Hosting with No Downtime

There are many reasons you might want to migrate your website to a new host. It may be that you are not happy with your current hosting provider, you have found a better deal, or you have simply outgrown your

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