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Chris Jones

I'm happy to report that so far my experience with my new VPS has been quite positive. I moved from a large US provider (blame the spies) and had read good things about FullHost so decided to give it a go. I have to admit the transition went exceptionally smooth. Setting up my server was a breeze as I chose an OS I was already familiar with. Moving data was fast. I have quite a bit of experience with server management so I'm pleased with how well it all went. Really, I have nothing to complain about. I'm even saving a good chunk of money as I decided to not purchase a cPanel licence and do everything from the command line, something I prefer.

All in all, I couldn't have asked for a better experience. At this point, I'm very happy I chose FullHost. I hope to be a customer for years to come!

David Tonen

I just wanted to submit a ticket regarding your service.

Two of my client sites were subject to a Brute Force Attack in the early hours of this morning. Thanks to the FullHost monitoring system, your tech support noticed the problem very early and took the appropriate steps to diagnose where the attacks were happening and they acted to minimize the damage. They then contacted me so I was alerted early on and I was able to proactively notify my clients. The communication channels were excellent.

Having gone through a similar situation with another VPS provider in the past I now have a night and day comparative situation. Your FullHost tech support people did everything right and I am grateful for the knowledgable and proactive assistance they provided. I have experienced what not to do (with the other company) and now I am happy to experience service done right.

Commend your team and your systems. I am a very happy FullHost customer! Thank you!

Win Squires

Excellent customer service which is a definite must have in this industry. FullHost has provided nothing but top notch support. Fast, friendly, reliable and always willing to help any way they can. I feel confident sending my clients here.

Jibran Siddiqui

I wanted to give some feedback on my first experience with Fullhost. I've always been on shared hosting or something similar and have never made the step up to a VPS until now. There were quite a few things that I didn't understand at first, but Jason explained everything exceptionally well with plenty of detail. His responses were very prompt which I found to be quite impressive. I'm very excited to be with Fullhost and certainly am feeling secure about this decision. You've made an excellent first impression! :)

Michelle Nortje

Moose Web Design

So far I love Full Host! The customer service and support staff that I have dealt with have all been great. The move from my previous host was smooth thanks to the support staff at Full Host who moved my files over. My websites are loading much faster and I notice this with the wordpress sites especially. No issues so far. Keep up the good work Full Host :)

Tyler Paquette

Everything is great! I appreciate the service, and the great people you seem to have on the team, the pricing is phenomenal, and I really like that I got a hand written thank you letter from your Victoria office with the cool sticker I can slap on one of my servers, adds a really personal neighbourly touch, which in this day and age means a lot to some of us! I will definitely be recommending your company and its services to any I meet looking for VPS, and especially now that you are offering a KVM solution!

Shelley Ward

The support people at Full Host are real people who make me feel important and taken care of. This is crucial, as they will be the ones looking after the hosting environments of my clients. I also appreciate the fact that Full Host is a Canadian company.

Damir B.

Excellent service, quality, and speed! No complaints, just another happy customer :)

Darcy Hermann

I must say that since we have been a part of FullHost we are very happy. The service provided to us is GREAT! Fast service for support and any and all of our questions have been answered. If we have a question that can't be answered it is sent on to someone who can and we have never been left wondering.

We rate FullHost a perfect 10/10!! Please keep up the good work!! Thank you.

Paula Magnuson

We want to say how much we appreciate your stellar customer support!! The support you guys provide is amazing!