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Anthony Calvano


I would like to say how I am very pleased with your service thus far. Signing up for an account and switching over was quick and easy to do. I found using the control panel straightforward and fairly easy to use. Anything I didn’t know how to do was documented or support assisted me with that. I was reluctant at first that you didn’t have phone support but I have to say I am impressed with the ticketing system. Agents reply to me fairly quickly or at least let me know they received the ticket and are looking into it. Kudos to the support team as they have always given me exactly what I need without delays. They were tops in my books when I asked them about help with migrating our site from our previous provider who didn’t use Cpanel. A couple hours later instead of getting a bunch of information, they just took care of the migration for me and told me it was done. I changed my DNS entry to point to your server and it was completed flawlessly. So far services have been up and running without any downtime. With my previous provider, their servers would be down every couple weeks for about an hour during the middle of the day. Or emails would be delayed for a few hours. That was very frustrating for our company that relies on emails constantly. Using email through your servers has been running smoothly and quickly.

Two thumbs up for Fullhost!

Glen Reesor

I'm very happy with FullHost hosting. The switch over of domains and hosting from my previous provider was seamless and my support questions were answered quickly. Thanks!

Alan Brousseau

Philips did an excellent job of resolving my issue. Even more impressive was his candor when a small error was made - most others would have blamed the DNS registrar, or another 3rd party. Philips told me he entered some information incorrectly and then promptly fixed the error. He followed up with me after every day until the issue was resolved. Great service!

Andy Woodsworth


It's always a risk to leave an environment you are familiar with and transition to a new one, because of the possibility of disrupting the existing services while trying to make them work on the new host. In the case of FullHost I was not very apprehensive, because I had already gone through porting the web site and email from another not for profit society to your site. That went very smoothly thanks to a great deal of help from you and from your technical people, and my prior good experience is why I was recommending that WARA choose FullHost as their new provider.

Transition of the WordPress site was not expected to be difficult. However we were using an antiquated system to maintain mailing lists and we would have to shift to the system used by FullHost (Mailman) which was unfamiliar to all of us. You understood our concerns and mitigated them with an extended trial period so we could be confident it would work for us before
we made the final decision.

In brief, we experimented with the new mass mail system, decided we could configure it to work the way we wanted it to, and gave you the go ahead to move everything to the new site. The actual move was extremely rapid and without incident. The web site viewers did not notice the move, and we have all the same functionality (and much more!) that we had with our old mass
mailing system.

Thanks for your patience and excellent assistance throughout the process!